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AD 1993: The events in Kerala History

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AD 1993: Kerala defeated Maharashtra in Santhosh Trophy in March 2.

AD 1993: 100% Literacy Rate for Adivasis in the state. It is recorded in July 4.

AD 1993: Pension for Journalists was introduced for first time in India in August 1.

AD 1993: The first private TV channel, Asianet started.

AD 1993: Doordarshan started Malayalam channel through Doordarshan Metro (DD2).

AD 1993: Sooranad Kunjan Pillai got the first Ezhuthachan Award in November 2. Ezhuthachan Award was the biggest award given by State Government for literature.

AD 1993: Rajiv Gandhi Indore stadium in Kochi established in December 19.

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