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PSC Class 15: American Presidents

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1. Four Years is the official period of American Presidents.

2. One can become President for only two times in America.

3. White House is the official residence of American Presidents. White House is located in Washington DC.

4. The construction of White House started in 1792. The design of White House is prepared by a sculptor called James Hoban.

5. John Adams is the first American president to reside in White House. Presidents House and Executive Mansion were the other names of White House.

6. White House got its name in 1901, when Theodore Roosevelt as president.

7. Some Rooms of White House were China Room, Red Room, Blue Room, Green Room. East Room is the biggest room of White House.

8. Oval Office is the official room of Presidents of White House.

9. One should complete his 35 years of age to contest in election for American President.

10. Air force One is the special plane used by American president to travel.

11. George Washington is the only American President who won the election by getting 100 percent electoral votes.

12. John Adams is the first vice president of America.

13. George Washington is called as the national father of America.

14. John Adams is the second president of America.

15. Barack Obama is the current and 44th president of America.

16. Franklin D Roosevelt is the president who served most periods as American President. He is elected as American President for four times.

17. Theodore Roosevelt is the least aged person to become American President. Teddy Bear, which is favorite to most child of world, got its name from Theodore Roosevelt.

18. Ronald Reagan is the most aged American President.

19. Four American Presidents were killed while serving the government. They were Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, William McKinley were the presidents.

20. Abraham Lincoln abolished Slavery in America. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th president of America. The assassin of Abraham Lincoln is an actor called John Wilkes Booth.

21. John F Kennedy is the last assassinated president of America. Kennedy was assassinated in 1963, November 22 by a person called Lee Harvey Oswald.

22. George WH Bush and George W Bush were the father and son who became American Presidents.

23. Camp David is the Winter Resting House of American Presidents. Number 1 Observatory Circle is the house of American Vice Presidents.

24. A new American President took the charge of government between every four years in January 20.

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