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PSC Class 14: Capital cities of World

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1. The capital of India, New Delhi is located on the western banks of Yamuna River.

2. The first capital of British India is Kolkata.

3. It was during a ceremony conducted in Delhi Durbar in 1911, the decision of changing the capital of India from Kolkata to Delhi is taken.

4. The year in which the capital of India becomes Delhi is 1912.

5. The Sculptor of New Delhi city is Edwin Lutyens (a british born).

6. The famous work of Robert Grant Irving mentioning the activities of Edwin Lutyens in Delhi is ”Indian Summer”.

7. New Delhi city was officially inaugurated in 1931 (construction was completed in 1929).

8. The area of New Delhi, where the Presidential Residence and Prime Minister Office is located is Raisina Hills.

9. It was according to the 69th amendment of Indian Constitution, Delhi is considered as National capital region in 1991.

10. The only country in world which has three capitals is South Africa.

11. The judicial capital of South Africa, which is called as ‘City of Roses’ is Bloemfontein.

12. The city, which is called as ‘Fashion capital of World’ is Paris.

13. The judicial capital of world is Hague of Netherlands.

14. The only country of world, which is located inside a capital of another country, is Vatican (inside Rome, which is the capital of Italy).

15. The capital cities, which is located most nearest (in the world) is Vatican City and Rome.

16. The capital cities on both lands near a single river are Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Brazzaville (Republic of Congo) – Congo River.

17. The capital of a country which is nearer to the equator and Greenwich Meridian is Accra (Ghana).

18. The capital city which is located in the highest point from the ocean level is La paz (Bolivia).

19. The administrative capital of Sri Lanka is Sri Jayewardenepura Kota.

20. The Putrajaya is the new administrative capital of Malaysia.

21. Karachi is the capital of Pakistan till the construction of Islamabad city in 1960 is completed.

22. Reykjavík (Ice land) is the northernmost capital city of World.

23. Wellington (New Zealand) is the southernmost capital city of World.

24. Monrovia (Capital of Liberia) is the only capital city outside America, which has the name of an US President.

25. The oldest capital city of world which is continuously populated is Damascus (Syria).

26. The capital city which is earlier called as Salisbury is Harare (Zimbabwe).

27. Naypyidaw is the capital of Myanmar, which is the neighbouring country of India.

28. During Mughal Period, the city called Jahangir Nagar is now a capital of neighboring country of India and that neighboring country is Bangladesh. The new name of Jahangir Nagar is Dhaka.

29. The summer season capital of India from 1912 to 1947 is Simla.

30. It was Nicosia (Cyprus), Green line splits the capital city into two.

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