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PSC Class 17: Countries of the World

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Countries of the World:

1. There are 50 states in USA. Alaska is the biggest American state. Road Island is the smallest.

2. Hawaii is the lastly formed American state.

3. The only country which has three capitals is South Africa (Pretoria – Administration, Cape Town – Legislative, Bloemfontein - Judicial).

4. Largest Country of Central America is Nicaragua.

5. Switzerland is the country which has three official names in three languages.

6. China is number one in the area of farm land (agriculture).

7. Netherlands is the capital city which is located beneath the ocean level. Capital is Amsterdam.

8. The first African country to get freedom is Ethiopia.

9. The country with least area which has membership in United Nations Organization is Morocco.

10. The only Jewish nation of world is Israel.

11. La paz (Bolivia) is the capital city which is highest located.

12. Bangladesh is the least aged country of South Asia.

13. Srilanka is the Asian country which is called as ‘Ceylon Island’.

14. Indonesia is the most nearest country to Nicobar Islands.

15. Myanmar is the most nearest country to Andaman Islands.

16. Argentina, Brazil and Chile were the A, B, C countries.

17. India is the first country which started Population Controlling Programme in the World.

18. Israel has most Jewish Population.

19. The smallest Independent nation of Asia is Maldives.

20. The first nation to give loyal permission for mercy death is Netherlands.

21. India is the country which has most Hindus.

22. Indonesia has most Muslims.

23. Netherlands is the country which has most oldest Airlines (Royal Dutch Airlines, KLM).

24. Greece is the country in which Democracy came into existence for first time.

25. South Africa is the most developed country in trade among the countries in African Continent.

26. Cuba is the biggest among island countries of Caribbean.

27. Norway is the northernmost European Country.

28. Saudi Arabia is the biggest Gulf Country.

29. “New Spain” is now called as Mexico.

30. The old name of Mozambique is Portuguese East Africa.

31. ‘Lusitanica’ is now known in the name of Portugal.

32. Mali is the new name of “French Sudan”.

33. Canada is biggest in area among the countries in North America.

34. USA is the most populated country of North America.

35. Singapore has the most population density among the countries of Asia.

36. Afghanistan is the first country, while writing the countries list in English Alphabetical Order.

37. Africa is the continent which has most countries.

38. Antarctica is the continent which has no countries.

39. The continent which has only one country is Australia.

40. Kazakhstan is the biggest land joined country of world.

41. Russia is the lengthiest country in the world.

42. The lengthiest country when compared with breath is Chile.

43. Kuwait is the first gulf country where Parliament came into existence.

44. The biggest among countries which is located in both Northern and Southern hemisphere is Brazil.

45. The country which has most density in Northern Hemisphere is Russia.

46. The independent country, where there is no child born is Vatican.

47. Brazil is the country which is number one in density in Southern Hemisphere.

48. England is located in zero degree longitude based on Greenwich.

49. Printing was started in Germany.

50. The first Asian country where general election is held is India.

51. Artillery was first used by China.

52. Zero was first used by Indians.

53. USA started the Internet Computer Network.

54. The first Asian country which developed cyber laws is Singapore.

55. The natives of Japan called their nation as ‘Nippon’.

56. Britain is the country which started Train service for first time in the world.

57. The Karate competition was first conducted in France.

58. The only country which does not print their country name in stamp is England.

59. The first Newspaper of world was printed in china.

60. Gun powder was invented by Chinese.

61. The politician who served for most periods in a country in world is Fidel Castro (Cuba).

62. The most population of United States of America was the citizens from Great Britain.

63. India is number one in usage of Gold.

64. The two island nations where Indian races are most were Mauritius and Fiji.

65. USA is the first Telephone Exchange started country in the world.

66. The first country where modern democratic system came into existence is England.

67. The first country to start Employment Exchange is USA.

68. Great Britain is the biggest island of Europe.

69. The Polo game was emerged in India.

70. Chinese People made silk and soil utensils for first time.

71. France conducted Metric system for first time.

72. The country which given ‘Statue of Liberty’ to American states is France.

73. The country which has most elephants is Tanzania.

74. It was in Chinese calendar, the twelve months had given the names of animals.

75. The idea of Value Added Tax is first executed in France.

76. The country who was using most sugar is India.

77. Monaco is the country where ‘Monte carlo car Race’ is conducting.

78. The country ‘Shqiptaret’ is known in the name ‘Albania’.

79. USA is the country which is number one in releasing Carbon Dioxide.

80. It was from Britain, most countries of world got freedom.

81. USA is number one in usage of Energy.

82. Saudi Arabia is the country which has big royal family.

83. France celebrated Fools Day for first time.

84. USA is the country, where most books are printed.

85. Switzerland has the flag with the picture of Cross.

86. Brazil has most Roman Catholics.

87. Russia has most Forest land.

88. Sumerians used writing script for first time. The script used is Cuneiform.

89. USA is the country which has most national parks in the world.

90. The other name of the country, Greece is ‘Hellenic Republic’.

91. Finland is the country where the stamps were printed with Suomi.

92. China is the country, which is called as Cathay in ancient period.

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