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PSC Class 18: Important Incidents in World History

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Important Incidents in World History:

1. Black Death: The disease ‘Plague’ was spread in England in AD 1665. The Economic system of the country was broken upon the affection of this Disease. This incident, which frightened Europe, was named to ‘Black Death’.

2. Slavery Abolishment: The slave work in England was stopped in AD 1833. In 1772, Britain considered slave work is against law. It was Charles James Fox, who was the member of British Parliament, presented the Slave Work Abolishment bill in Parliament. It is later passed. The complete vanish of slavery and slave trade from British colonies was done in 1833.

3. Telegraph: The Telegraph Machine was invented in AD 1838 by an American named Samuel FB Morse. The first Telegraph line for commercial purpose came into existence in 1843 in between Washington and Baltimore.

4. Aero plane: The first aero plane was flied in the Kitty hawk beach near North Carolina. It was flewed by brothers, Wilbur Wright and Orville Wright of America in 1903 December 17. It is named as ‘Flyer’ which was built from wood, clothes and rods.

5. Oscar: It was from 1929, Oscar Awards started to give. Oscar Awards are also called as ‘Academy Awards’.

6. Red Cross: Red Cross is the society started in 1863 by Henry Dunant of Switzerland. Geneva is its head quarters. The official name of this society is International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent. The 150th anniversary of Red Cross was celebrated in 2013.

7. Scout: Robert Badan Powel started the scout establishment in AD 1907.

8. Long March: Long March is one of the uncommon liberation journey in Human history and it was in 1934 October 16. The liberation journey was started from Jiangxi province by 80,000 communists. Communist leader, Mao Tse Tung is the leader of this Long March.

9. D Day: It is the day in which the allied forces of America and Britain reached Normandy of France during Second World War in 1944 June 6. This army movement is called as “Operation Overload”.

10. Sputnik: First Artificial Satellite is Sputnik. The sputnik reached space in 1957 by a rocket with Model V2. Sputnik is Soviet Union’s product. They launched it.

11. Tibet and Castro: China invaded Tibet in 1959. It was also in the same year, Fidel Castro came to power in Cuba.

12. Berlin Wall: The wall which divides West-East Germany has a length of 35 miles. The Great wall was built in 1961 and is named as Berlin Wall. After 15 years of Cold War, the ruler of Soviet Union, ‘Nikita Khrushchev’ with the help of Eastern German Army constructed the wall which divides the Germany into two. John F Kennedy was the president of America at that time. In 1989, the Berlin Wall is destructed. In 1990 October, German Unification happened.

13. Heart Transplantation: The first successful Heart Transplantation Surgery was done in 1967. Dr Christian Bernard is the doctor who transplanted the Surgery. The heart is transplanted from a 25 years old lady, Denis Darwell (who was died in a car accident) to Louis Washkansky. The surgery was done in Groote Schuur hospital of Cape Town in South Africa.

14. Water Gate: The Water Gate Incident was happened in 1974, which resulted in the lost of American president, Richard Nixon’s chair. Water Gate controversy started during the 1972 election. The main reason is the ruling party tried to know the election movements of opposition, Democratic Party by secretly entered the central office of Watergate building of Democratic Party. The secrets of Opposition party were leaked. After that this incident is named to Water Gate Controversy. In order to escape from Impeachment process, Nixon resigned in 1974 August 8.

15. Viking: It was in 1976 July 20, the American Space Vehicle Viking-1 landed Mars. Viking-1 was launched in 1975. Viking was landed in a place called Cris Planesia in Mars. Viking is the first vehicle which sent information to Earth after reaching on another planet in Solar System.

16. Anti Biotic: Alexander Fleming was born in 1881 August 6 in Lochfield of Scotland. Fleming discovered Penicillin which became a landmark in Human history. After his appointment as professor in St Mary’s in 1928. But it was Howard Florey (Pathologist of Oxford University) and Ernst Boris Chain, split the needed penicillin from Notatum. In 1945, both Fleming and Florey – Chain got Nobel Prize in medicine for the discovery of Penicillin, which is the antibiotic. Britain gave the honor ‘Sir’ to Fleming and Florey in 1944. In 1922, Fleming discovered a bacteriolytic enzyme called Lysozyme. He died after a heart attack in 1955 March 11 in Chelsea of London.

17. Fall of Soviet Union: In 1991, Soviet Union is split to many countries after a communist rule in these united republics for about 70 years. Soviet Union is split during the period of Mikhail Gorbachev who came to rule in 1985. It is believed that the reason for the beginning of split of Soviet Union is the Brezhnev, who had sent the Army to Afghanistan in 1979. During the period of Gorbachev, fifteen Republicans raised their voice for the freedom and self government of their regions. The biggest republic of Soviet Union, Russia also wanted their self government. Russian President Boris Yeltsin asked for Self Government. In the Christmas day in 1991, Soviet Union split into 15 Republics. From 1992 January onwards, the Soviet Communist Party disappeared.

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