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PSC Class 11: Major Revolutions in World History

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1. The Glorious Revolution of 1688 was occurred in England.

2. The long parliament was existed for 20 years from 1640 in England.

3. The incident which leads to French Revolt in 1789 July 14 is the breaking of Bastille Fort Jail by people.

4. Louis 16 is the emperor of France during French Revolution.

5. Louis 14 is the french emperor who declared “I am the State”.

6. The ideas “Left Sided” and “Right Sided” in Parliament was emerged in France.

7. Marie Antoinette is the famous wife of Louis 16.

8. The famous Human Rights Declaration of French National Army was passed in 1789.

9. The three ideas which was contributed by French Revolution for the world is Liberty, Equality and Fraternity.

10. The weapons used for blowing Revolt haters during French Revolution is Guillotine.

11. The philosopher of French Revolution is Rousseau.

12. “Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains” is the words of Rousseau.

13. The french philosopher, who had done the work “The Spirit of the Laws” is Montesquieu.

14. The work “The Social Contract” is done by Rousseau.

15. Voltaire is the pen name of famous french philosopher, ‘Francais’.

16. Philosophers, Lords and Common People were the three estates of France.

17. Newspapers were the fourth Estate.

18. Napolean Bonaparte is called as “Child of French Revolution”.

19. The “Boston Tea Party” of 1773 is the incident related to American Freedom Struggle.

20. The declaration of American Independence is made in 1776 July 4.

21. The major sculptor of American Declaration of Independence is Thomas Jefferson.

22. Thirteen Colonies of America joined together for Independence movement against British.

23. “No Taxation without Representation”  is the slogan during American Independence.

24. “Olive Branch Petition” is the petition submitted to British king by American Colony force in 1775.

25. George Washington is the leader of American Revolution.

26. The first written constitution of world is American Constitution.

27. James Madison is the father of American Constitution.

28. France is the country which presented the “Statue of Liberty” to America upon the declaration of Independence.

29. The earlier migrators of America were pilgrimagers otherwise “Pilgrim Fathers”.

30. The first president of America is George Washington, who is called as “Father of American Nation”.

31. The political system to aid finance through voting without any discussion due to time limit is called as Guillotine.

32. Trade Revolt was started in England.

33. Agricultural Revolt was started in England.

34. Russian Revolt was occurred in 1917.

35. The incident of administrational invasion of Russia under the leadership of Kerensky in 1917 is called as ‘March Revolution’.

36. The main slogan of Russian Revolution is administration for labourers, land for farmers, food for hungers and peace for everybody.

37. The leader of October revolt in 1917 when Bolsheviks came to power in Russia is Vladimir Lenin.

38. October Revolt was occurred in the month of November as per Modern Calendar (Gregorian Calendar).

39. China is called as “Big of Asia”.

40. The soul teacher of revolutionary establishments of China is Sun yat Sen.

41. Chinese Revolt was occurred in  1911.

42. The Political Party formed by Sun yat Sen which motivates Chinese Revolt is Kuomintang Party.

43. Communist Revolt was occurred in 1949 in China.

44. Mao Tse Tung is the leader of communist revolution in China.

45. The first president of People's Republic of China is Mao Tse Tung.

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