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PSC Class 12: Democratic Struggles in the World

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1. Republic of Congo (1960) is the another country who were celebrating August 15 as their Independence Day.

2. The asian country, who was celebrating August 15 as their liberation day is South Korea.

3. Pakistan is celebrating August 14 as their Independence Day. January 26, which is the Republic Day of India and in this same day, Australia is celebrating their National Day.

4. America is celebrating July 4 as their Freedom Day.

5. The military overthrowing “June 23 Revolt” is occurred in Egypt (1952). Through this overthrowing, Gamal Abdel Nasser occupied the administration.

6. Eritrea is the country which got freedom from Ethiopia in 1991.

7. It was from Empire power “Britain”, most countries of world got freedom.

8. The first African country to get freedom from colonial administration is Ethiopia (from Italy).

9. Ghana got freedom under the leadership of Kwame Nkrumah.

10. Jomo Kenyatta is the leader of freedom struggles of Kenya.

11. ‘Mau Mau Revolt’ against Britain in 1952 was occurred in Kenya.

12. The African country established by black people after getting their freedom from American Slavery is Liberia.

13. Seewoosagur Ramgoolam is the indian descendent who was called as ‘National Father of Mauritius’.

14. Namibia is the country which led independence movement under the leadership of a society.

15. Sam Nujoma is the leader of independence struggle in Namibia.

16. The discrimination policy  followed by white people on Black people in South Africa is called as Apartheid.

17. The African National Congress was formed in 1912 for the independence movement in South Africa.

18. The name of militant society of African National Congress is Sphere of the Nation.

19. The headquaters of African National Congress in Johannesburg is called as Luthuli House.

20. The first general election was conducted by including all sections of people of South Africa was in 1994.

21. The freedom fighter who is called as the ‘National Father of Tanzania’ is Julius Nyererae.

22. Julius Nyererae is called as the ‘Soulkeeper of Africa’.

23. The Maji Maji Rebellion against the colonial rule of Germany was in Tanzania (1905 - 1907).

24. Kenneth Kaunda is called as ‘Gandhi of Africa’.

25. Zambia is the country, where Kenneth Kaunda led the Independence Movement.

26. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the national father of Bangladesh.

27. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is called as “Bangabandu”.

28. Bangladesh declared freedom from Pakistan in 1971 March 26.

29. The society which led the freedon struggles of Bangladesh is ‘Awami League’.

30. The bangladesh society, which led the weapon free revolt against Pakistan is Mukti Bahini.

31. The first country of world formed in 21st century is East Timor (2002 May).

32. East Timor got freedom from the control of Indonesia.

33. ‘Rose Revolt’ was occurred in Georgia (2003), which resulted in the removal of Eduard Shevardnadze from the position of President  by people.

34. Ahmed Sukarno led the freedom movement in Indonesia.

35. Islamic Revolution was occurred in 1979 in Iran under the leadership of Ayatollah Khomeini.

36. The only jewish country of world, Israel came into existence in 1948 May 14.

37. Kyrgyzstan is the country, where Tulip Revolt was occurred in 2005 February to end the rule of Akaev.

38. Myanmar is the neighboring country of india, where militant administration is existing.

39. For the freedom of Myanmar from British, Aung San became the leader of Independence movement.

40. The freedom fighter of Myanmar who got Nobel Prize for peace in 1991 is Aung San Suu Kyi.

41. The democratic agitation society of Myanmar led by Aung San Suu Kyi is National League of Democracy.

42. The only country of Asia which got freedom from the control of America is Philippines (1946).

43. Sri lanka got freedom from British in the year 1948 February 4.

44. The country of South East Asia which never came under the colonization of Europe is Thailand.

45. The year in which seven Emirates combined together to form United Arab Emirates is 1971.

46. Nauru is the smallest independent Republic of world.

47. Palau is the nation which got freedom in 1994, which was under the administration of United Nations Organization.

48. Czech & Slovkia (1993) were the countries split to form separate freedom nation and this split is called as ‘Velvet Divorce’.

49. The chancellor of Germany, who made the German Unification through his ‘Iron and Blood’ policy in 1862 is Bismarck.

50. The unification of German with the fall of Berlin wall was in 1990 October 3.

51. South Sudan is the 193rd member of United Nations Organization. It was in 2011, South Sudan became a member.

52. The year in which split of Soviet Union occurred and member countries became free was in 1991.

53. The country which was under observation list of UN in 2012 is Palestine.

54. The country which has the permanent observation position of United Nations is Vatican.

55. Simon Bolivar is considered as George Washington of South America.

56. The liberation for Venezuela, Columbia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama, Bolivia was led by Simon Bolivar.

57. Nelson Mandela is the freedom fighter who was called by South Africans as “Madiba”.

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