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PSC Class 2: Human Evolution

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1. The scientific name of modern man is Homo Sapiens.

2. The region which is believed that modern man arised much before 2 lakh years is East Africa.

3. The scientific branch which deals with the constructions, pictures, written scripts, coins of ancient age as an evidence for scientific study and arrive at conclusion is Archaeology.

4. The living beings with similar features of human beings are generally called as Hominids.

5. The Human apes which lived in the Shivalik hills much before 8 lakh years is Ramapithecus.

6. The human ape,similar to hominids, which walked straight for first time is Australopithecus.

7. The earlier hominids of Asia discovered from remnants in Java Islands of Indonesia is Pithacanthropus Erectus (Java Man).

8. The remnants of Sinanthropus otherwise called as Peking man similar to Java Man were found from China.

9. The most similar section to humans found from the remnants of Neanderthal Valley of Germany is Neanderthal.

10. The remnants of Cro Magnon, which is considered as the follower of Neanderthal were found from Cro Magnon caves of France.

11. It was from France, the remnants of Grimaldi Man were found.

12. The ancient human section believed to have known the Image art form is Cro Magnon.

13. The three main phases of human development were Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.

14. The New Stone Age is the period believed to have discovered the method in Agriculture, Domestication of Animals and Production of Dress.

15. The last discovery of New Stone Age, which became a turning point of Human Life resulted in development of technology is “Wheel”.

16. The first metal discovered by man is Copper.

17. The age which is known to be considered as humans used the articles made from stones and copper is Chalcolithic.

18. Human discovered fire in Stone Age.

19. The Age which is considered as the discovery of axe, soil utensils, home construction was Stone Age.

20. The important Bronze Age cultures were Egypt, Mesopotamia, Harappa and China.

21. The discovery of plough, start of trade, formation of towns were in Bronze Age.

22. Merchants, Armies, Farmers, Handicrafters were the employer divisions of society in Bronze Age.

23. The important Iron Age cultures were Vedic culture of India, Greek – Roman cultures.

24. The material transfer system existed during earlier period of human civilization is called as Barter System.

25. The scientific way to find the age of Biological remnants is called as Carbon Dating.

26. Man belongs to the section ‘Primates’, which is the highest race of living beings.

27. The three main races of Human Hierarchy were Negroid, Mongoloid and Caucasoid.

28. Africa is the country where Negroid races were mostly found.

29. Bushmen is the sub race of Negroid found in Kalahari Desert.

30. Andaman Nicobar Islands is the place where Negroid races found in India.

31. Mongoloid races were mostly found in South East Asia which includes China, Japan, Korea and so on.

32. Eskimos were the sub hierarchy of Mongoloid race who were living near the northern circumpolar region of Earth.

33. Igloo is the houses built from Ice by Eskimos.

34. Mongoloid is the highest populated human race in the world.

35. The section of ancient race who made the weapon for first time is Zinjanthropus.

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