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PSC Class 3: Expeditions that changed the World

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1. Marco Polo was born in 1254 in Venice of Italy. He is one of the famous voyager in ancient period. Marco Polo wrote the work “Description of the world” in 1298.

2. Ferdinand Magellan is the portugese sailer, who led the first voyager team of world to travel around the world.

3. It was Charles I of Spain, who supported Magellan for his voyage. The team started their journey from south spain in 1519 September.

4. Victoria, Conception, San Antonio, Santiago, Trinidad were the ships started its voyage with the aim to circle the world. Only Victoria completed its mission and is the only ship to return to it’s starting point. Victoria thus became the first ship to circle the world.

5. Magellan and Team entered the pacific ocean in 1520 November. Magellan named the Pacific Ocean so, bcause the ocean seems more silent when compared to Atlantic ocean which is full of storms.

6. Magellan died in 1521 in Mactan island of Philippines during a fight between two races of people. Only the Victoria ship returned to its starting point in 1522 September.

7. One of the famous ocean voyager, Christopher Columbus was born in 1451 in Genoa. Currently this place is under the administration of Italy. It was through the journeys of Columbus, the world got the ideas about the places located at west of Europe.

8. The aim of Columbus is find the easy route to India by crossing the Atlantic Ocean. Spanish king made arrangements for his journey.

9. It was from Spain, Columbus started his first voyage in 1492 August. Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria were the ships . It was in October 12, the team arrived at San Salvador (Bahamas) of Caribbean Islands.

10. Vasco Da Gama was the first european traveller from portugese to travel to India through ocean. Gama landed at Kapad at Kozhikode district in 1498.

11. Gama and his team from the ships, Berrio, Sao Gabriel and Sao Rafael started its journey to India.

12. Gama arrived at India after a long journey for a period lasting 16 months and 12 days. It was the King Manuel, who gave the honor, Naval Commander of Indian Ocean to Gama after his return to Portugese from India in 1499 September.

13. Gama again arrived at India in 1502. He was appointed as the Indian viceroy in 1524. In the same year , he died at Kochi in December 24. The dead body of Gama was buried at St Francis church of Kochi and in 1539, his remains were removed to Portugal.

14. The portugese who discovered the southern tip of Africa, “Cape of Good Hope” in 1488 is Bartolomeu Dias.

15. America was named after the Italian Navigator, “Amerigo Vespucci”.

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