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PSC Class 4: Medieval World

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1. Barbarians were the people who attacked Rome in AD 476.

2. It was the fall of Rome, which is considered as the end of ancient world history.

3. Augustus Ceaser is the Rome King, when Jesus Christ was born.

4. Constantine is the first Rome king to accept Christianity.

5. The Constantinople city of Turkey , which is the capital of East Roman Empire is now known in the name of Istanbul.

6. The incident which is called as the ‘start of modern world history’ is capture of Constantinople by Turkeys in 1453.

7. It was latin,which is emerged as the world language after roman civilization.

8. The  ‘Naturalis Historia’ is the latin botanical encyclopedia written by Pliny.

9. The wars fought by christians for getting back the Jerusalem from the control of Turkeys were now known as Crusade Wars.

10. First Crusade War was occurred in AD 1097.

11. Prophet Muhammed received his first revelation in his 40th age.

12. The migration of Prophet Muhammed from Mecca to Madina was in AD 622 and is called as Hijra.

13. Prophet Muhammed died at AD 632.

14. The rulers came to power after Prophet Muhammed were known in the name “Khalifas”.

15. Unani is called as Islamic treatment system.

16. Omar Khayam is the author of work “Rubaiyat”.

17. The ruler who was called as “Asoka of China” is Taizong.

18. Chinese people discovered Tea.

19. Japan is the only country in the world with king as Nation Head.

20. Samurai were the war leaders of Japan.

21. Ikebana is the flower decorating method of Japan.

22. The japanese system of growing plants and trees in containers is Bonsai.

23. Shinto Religion arised in Japan.

24. Shinto Religion has no holy script.

25. The poem method “Haiku” and Theatre system “Kabuki” were arised in Japan.

26. “The Tale of Genji” is the first novel of world which was the work done by a Japanese “Murasaki Shikibu”.

27. Renaissance was started in Italy.

28. The Italian poet, who was called as Father of Renaissance is  Francesco Petrarch.

29. The period of Europe Renaissance was during the 14th to 17th centuries.

30. The Heliocentric Theory that mentions Earth circling sun was discovered by Copernicus of Poland.

31. The author of work “On the Revolutions” was published by Copernicus in 1543.

32. ‘Divine Comedy’ was the work of Dante.

33. Thomas More is the author of ‘Utiopia’.

34. The famous script written by Niccolo Makiawelly is “The Prince”.

35. “Novvum Organum” is the work of Francis Bacon that promotes Renaissance world.

36. Printing Press was invented by the German “Johannes Gutenberg”.

37. The first book printed in Guttenberg’s printing machine is “Gutenberg Bible” (1456).

38. The quote “I think, therefore I am” was from “Rene De Carte (France)”.

39. It was Martin Luther, who led the Protestant Reformation in Germany.

40. Under the leadership of John Calvin (Calvinism), Protestant Reformation was happened in Switzerland.

41. It was “Ignatius Loyola” who led the Protestant Reformation of Catholic Assembly.

42. The court formed in the medieval period for handling cases on religion warrants was Inquisition.

43. The Council of Trent, held between 1545 and 1563 in Trento is the organisation that formed theories on Protestant Reformation.

44. The first racial society of North America is Red Indians.

45. The Magna Carta of 1215 is the first line that mentions limitations for rulers of kings of England.

46. The king who signed in Magna Carta is John.

47. It was in the Runnymede of England, who signed Magna Carta.

48. British Parliament is considered as “Mother of Parliaments”.

49. It was during Henry I’s reign (11th century), England  Parliament came into existence.

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