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PSC Class 5: Renaissance of Medieval World

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1. Renaissance was started in Italy. The Italian literary scholar “Petrarch” is called as “Father of Renaissance”.

2. The first litrary scholar who declared renaissance by arguing the olden observations through his famous work “Divine Comedy” is Dante.

3. “Don Kixot” who had written the script ’Servantes’ is the establisher of Renaissance in Spain.

4. Sir Thomas More presented  clear picture of newly formed assembly and society through his work “Utopia”.

5. “The Prince” of Machiavelli is an ideal script of this period.

6. Geoffrey Chaucer, Marlowe, Shakesphere, Milton were the famous Renaissance scholars of England.

7. Saint George and the Dragon, Disputa, School of Athens were the famous paintings of Raphael.

8. The “Last Judgement” is the famous work (painting) of  Michael Angelo. He is considered as “a great man and a great artist”. This painting is fixed at the Sistine Church of Vatican.

9. The french philosopher, Rene Descarte's philosophical thoughts made a huge revolution in Modern Philsophy. It is now known as “Cartesian Philosophy”. “I Think, Therefore I Am” is the quote of Descarte.

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