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PSC Class 6: Ships through History

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1. Victoria: The first ship to circle the world. It is one of the ship that started its voyage under the leadership of Magellan in 1519. Conception, San Antonio, Santiago, Trinidad were the other ships.

2. Pinta: Pinta was one of the ships that started its first voyage trip under the leadership of Christopher Columbus in 1492. Nina, Santa Maria were the other ships.

3. Sao Gabriel: Vasco Da Gama is the captain of ship, Sao Gabriel which landed in india in 1498. Berrio, Sao Raphael were the other ships followed Sao Gabriel.

4. HMS Beagle: HMS Beagle is the ship which got a place in history through its importance on the trip made by Charles Darwin for his study on Human Evolution. The ship started its sail on 1820, May 11. Darwin joined the voyage team during the period “1831 to 1835”.

5. HMS Challenger: The depth of Mariana Trench in Pacific Ocean is found in 1875 by this ship. The deepest part of this trench is named as Challenger Deep which has a depth of 11,033 meter.

6. Kon-Tiki: Kon-Tiki is the raft used by the Norwegian voyagers in 1947 for their risky journey from South America to Polynesian Islands. The name of the book written by Heyerdahl about this journey is Kon-tiki.

7. USS Newyork: The Navel Force ship built using iron from the destructed world trade center due to terrorist attack in 2001 september 11. The construction was completed in 2007.

8. USS Arizona: USS Arizona is the american navel ship destructed due to Pearl Harbour attack of Japan in 1941 December 7.

9. May Flower: May Flower is the ship leaved from England to America in 1620 with 102 members for the freedom from Religion. They were called as “Piligrim Fathers”. They instituted a colony near Plymouth of Massachusett in America.

10. Spanish Armada: It is the spanish fleet started from spain in 1588 for attacking England. Spanish Armada is the biggest ship army at that period. But England defeated them.

11. Titanic: Titanic built in 1912 is the biggest ship of that period. The builders of the ship claimed that the ship would not destruct. The ship started its first journey from New York of America to Southampton of England in 1912 April 10. Around 2200 members were in the ship. Edward J Smith is the captain of Titanic. The ship sank in the water after beating a snow mountain in a night at 11.40 pm in April 14 in Atlantic Ocean. About 1500 people were dead and the remaining were rescued by Carpathia ship of British.

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