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PSC Class 7: Calendars in the World

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1. The Calendar word was taken from the latin sentence “Calendae”. The meaning of sentence “Calendae” is “to calculate”.

2. It was Mesopotamian who invented the calender based on moon. They divided one day into 24 hours.

3. It was Egyptians, who invented the solar astrology based on sun.

4. There are 365 days in a year on Mayan calendar of ancient people of South America. There were 18 months in a year on Mayan Calendar. There are 20 days in a month on Mayan Calendar. They observed 5 days in a year as unlucky days.

5. There were rumours on Mayan Calendar, that the world would end on 2012 December 21.

6. Julius Caesar started the Julian Calendar in BC 46. The calendar was started upon the instruction from a space scientist “Sosigenes”.

7. There were 365 days in a Julian Calendar. The idea “Leap Year” was first presented in Julian Calendar.

8. Gregorian Calendar is the calendar system which is now widely used around the world. It was Pope Gregory XIII, who established the Gregorian calendar in 1582.

9. Gregorain Calendar came into existence by solving the limitations of Julian Calender. Gregorian Calendar was formed by ‘Aloshiyus Liliyus’ upon the instruction from Pope.

10. The Gregorian Calendar was arranged according to the Jesus Christ born year AD 1.

11. Spain, Portugal, Italy, Poland were thhe countries accepted Gregorian Calendar for first time. Gregorian Calendar has 12 months starting from January to December.

12. The Janury month got its name from the Janus God of Roman Mythology. Janus is the god of Windows and Doors. February is the only month which has less than 30 days.

13. February has 29 days in leap years (between 4 years). February got its name from Latin word “Februum” which has meaning “Purification”.

14. It was from the Warlord of Romans “”Mars , the March month got its name. June Month got its name from the Roman goddess name “Juno”. July is named in memory of Julius Caesar.

15. Saka Calendar is the national calender of India. Kusha king “Kanishka” started the Saka Calendar in AD 78.

16. It was in 1953 March 22, India declared Saka Calendar as National Calendar. Saka Calendar has 12 months with Chaitra as first month and Phalguna as last month. Chaitra, Vaisak , Jyaistha, Asadha, Sravana, Bhadra, Asvina, Kartika, Agrahayana, Pausa, Magha and Phalguna  were the Saka Months.

17. The year 2016 is 1938 according to Saka Calendar.

18. Kollavarsham is Malayalam Calendar. It is Udaya Marthanda Varma in AD 825 started the Kollavarsham.

19. Kollavarsham is calendar centered on sun. The first month of Malayalam Calendar is Chingam and last month is Karkidakam.

20. There are 12 months for Tamil Calendar based on Sun. The first month of Tamil Calendar is Chithirai and last month is Panguni.

21. Hijri Calendar is the official calendar of Islam religion. There are 12 months on Hijri Calendar based on moon. Hijri Calendar started from AD 622, when Prophet Muhammad migrated from Mecca to Madina. The first month of Islam Calendar is Muharram and last month is Dulhajj.

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