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PSC Class 16: Religions around the World

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Religions around the World

1. Christianity has most believers in the world. Almost 33 percent of World Contributes Christians. Brazil is the country which has most population for Roman Catholics.

2. Islam has second most believers. Almost 21 percent of world contributes Muslims. Indonesia is the country which has most Muslims in the world.

3. Hindu Religion contributes 14 percent of world population and is the third most populated religion.

4. The four major religions of world, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism were originated in India.

5. The two major sections of Buddhism are Hinayana and Mahayana.

6. Pagoda is the worship place of Buddha Religion. Ashtanga Marga is the basic principle of Buddha Religion.

7. Jataka Tales consists of stories of Buddha in many Births.

8. Vardhamana Mahavira is the founder of Jainism. The omniscient Teaching God of Jain Religion is called as Trithankara. Mahavira is the 24th Trithankara of Jain Religion.

9. Digambara and Svetambara were the two sects of Jain Religion.

10. Jewish Religion is the one of the oldest religion of world. Torah is the holy book of Jews. Synagogue is the worship place of Jews.

11. America is the country which has most Jewish Population after Israel.

12. Jesus Christ was born in BC 4 in Bethlehem. He is the founder of Christianity. Bible is the sacred book of Christians.

13. Catholics, Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican were the different societies of Christianity.

14. Mar Papa is the head person of Catholic Society. Vatican is the headquarters of Mar Papa.

15. Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio Francis I is elected as 266th pope in 2013 March. He is from Argentina.

16. Sunni and Shias were the two sections of Muslims.

17. Shinto was the religion section of Japan.

18. Caodaism is the religion belief of Vietnam.

19. Shintoism is the most spread religion of Japan.

20. Confucianism is the religion founded by Confucius in China.

21. Taoism is another religion section of china.

22. The founder of Taoism is a thinker called Lao Tzu.

23. Baha U llah is the founder of Baha'i Religion.

24. Parsi language emerged in Ancient Iran. Parsi religion is known as Zoroastrian religion. Zend Avesta is the holy script of Parsi.

25. The worship place of Parsi is Fire Temple.

26. Guru Nanak is the founder of Sikh Religion. There are ten gurus in Sikh Religion. Granth Sahib is the holy book of Sikhs. Gurudwara is the worship place of Sikhs.

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