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PSC Class 19: United Nations Organization

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United Nations Organization:

1. The American president who suggested the name ‘United Nations Organization’ was Franklin D Roosevelt.

2. It was in the continuous meeting from 1945 April 25 to June 26 at San Francisco of California in America, the representatives of 50 countries formed the UN Charter.

3. The representatives of 50 countries signed at charter in 1945 June 26. Later Poland also signed the charter, who earlier not signed during meeting. Thus there includes 51 members.

4. It was in 1945 October 24, UN officially came into existence. Every year, October 24 is celebrated as UN Day.

5. With the aim of All Nations peace, a society is formed much before the formation of United Nations Organization is League of Nations or All Nations Alliance.

6. The head quarters of UN are located at Manhattan of New York.

7. It was John D Rockefeller, who donated the 17 Acre land of Manhattan Island, where UN Secretariat is located.

8. The first general meeting of United Nations Organization is held in London in 1946.

9. The flag of United Nation Organization has blue color.

10. The symbol located at the center of flag of United Nations Organization is the map of World Nations between the two Olive branches. White UN Symbol is fixed on Light blue background of Flag.

11. The Human Rights Declaration of United Nations Organization is done in 1948 December 10. December 10 is celebrated as Human Rights Day.

12. United Nations Organization has six official languages. They are Chinese, English, French, Russian, Spanish and Arabic. It was in 1973, Arabic is included as sixth official language in UNO.

13. Two languages is used for daily working of United Nations Organization and they are English and French.

14. The 50th anniversary of United Nations Organization is celebrated in 1995.

15. The European head quarters of United Nations Organization is Geneva.

16. The Asian country which is not a member of United Nations Organization is Taiwan and the European country is Vatican.

17. Generally, United Nations Organization has six factors. They are General Assembly, Security Council, Economic - Social Council, Trusteeship Council, International Justice Court, Secretariat.

18. General Assembly is the court where the representatives of member countries organize for discussion.

19. Every member country can send a maximum of five representatives to General Assembly. But only one vote from all the members is allowed from a country.

20. The members of general assembly would not have Veto power. It was general assembly upon the instruction of Security Council, secretary general is elected.

21. India became a member of United Nations Organization in 1945 October 30.

22. Now there are 193 members in United Nations Organization. Switzerland joined as 190th member and East Timor joined as 191st member in 2002.

23. Montenegro joined as 192nd member in 2006 June 28. South Sudan is the 193rd member of UNO.

24. Taiwan is the first country, which is out from UNO and it was in 1971.

Secretary Generals of United Nations Organization:

1. Trygve Lie (Norway), 1946 – 1952
2. Dag Hammarskjold (Sweden), 1952 – 1961
3. U. Thant (Burma), 1961 – 1971
4. Kurt waldheim (Austria), 1971 – 1981
5. Javier Perez de Cuellar (Peru), 1982 – 1991
6. Dr Boutros Boutros Ghali (Egypt), 1992 – 1996
7. Kofi Annan (Ghana), 1997 – 2007
8. Ban ki Moon (South Korea), 2007 – continuing

Security Council:

1. It was Security Council, which contributes a much for establishing the aim of world peace.

2. Security Council includes five permanent members and ten member nations elected for two year period.

3. China, France, Russia, Britain and USA were the permanent members of Security Council. These nations were called as P - 5 Nations.

4. Security Council has the authority to take military actions for maintaining peace in Emergency situations. For this purpose, there is a military staff committee for Security Council.

5. There need a vote from nine members including five permanent members for taking decisions on all subjects except assembly actions.

6. It was Security Council, who sends peace army by including armies from different nations for the conduction of performing peace agreements.

7. The temporary members are divided according to Geography. There were five temporary members from Asia – African countries, two from Latin America, one from Eastern Europe and two from Western Europe.

Indians at United Nations Organization:

1. VK Krishna Menon is the malayalee who made a record in United Nations Organization for his speech lasting 8 hours. The speech was related to Kashmir and it was in 1957.

2. The first Indian president of UN General Assembly is Vijayalakshmi Pandit.

3. It was AB Vajpayee, who speak in Hindi in UN for first time.

4. It was Mata Amritanandamayi, who speak in Malayalam in UN for first time.

5. The only Indian woman who was the president of World Health Organization is Rajkumari Amrit kaur.
6. The Indian who was elected as lifelong president of Inter Parliamentary Union is Najma Heptulla.

7. The Indian musician, who got a chance for singing in the celebration ceremony of UN Silver Jubilee, is MS Subbu Lakshmi.

8. The first Indian who was appointed as civilian police advisor of United Nations Organization is Kiran Bedi.

Economic – Social Council:

1. Economic Social Council is the 54 member council elected for a period of three years. Every year one by third is resigning from council.

2. The duty of this council is for completing the UNO’s mission through the international Economic – Cultural and Social ways.

3. It was the Economic and social council who unite the activities of UN Agencies like World Health Organization and UNESCO.

International Court:

1. The only UN head quarter factor outside Newyork is International Court of Justice otherwise International Judicial Court.

2. Even the head quarters of International Court is located at Hague of Netherlands, the court can handle cases from any countries as making the head quarters as respective country.

3. Fifteen Judges were elected for a period of nine years by the general Assembly and Security Council of United Nations Organization.

4. The period of judges of International Court is Nine Years. If there is the presence of nine judges, then there can be one Quorum.

5. The president and vice president of court is elected for a period of three years.

6. The official languages of International court are English and French.

7. The Indians who were in the position of Judge in International Court is BN Rao, Justice Nagendra Singh and Justice RS Pathak.

8. The International Criminal Court started its working in 2002 July. Hague is its headquarters.


1. The main duty of Secretariat is the daily administration of UN.

2. According to UN Security Council’s recommendation, Secretariat consists of a Secretary General appointed by General Assembly and 8900 officers from across the world.

3. Secretary General is the main officer of United Nations Assembly. Five years is the period of Secretary General.

4. Secretary General would be a person who should not maintain a special interest for a certain section or country population.

5. Trygve Lie (Norway) is the first European Secretary General.

6. The first Asian secretary general is U Thant (Burma).

7. Dr Boutros Boutros Ghali (Egypt) is the first African Secretary Council.

8. Dag Hammarskjold is the first Secretary General who passed away while in administration.

9. Trygve Lie is the first secretary general who resigned the secretary position of United Nations Assembly.

10. Kurt Waldheim is the person who became a president for a nation (Austria) after becoming a Secretary General.

11. Dag Hammarskjold and Kofi Annan were the secretary generals who got Nobel Prize (1961 and 2001 respectively).

12. UN Library is existed in the name of Dag Hammarskjold who died in an Aero plane Crash. New York is its Head Quarters.

13. The University of United Nations Assembly is located in Tokyo.

14. The Indian, who lost after participating for the UN Secretary General position is Sasi Tharoor.

Veto Power:

1. The assembly will drop any motion, when a nation or any of the five permanent member countries opposed it through voting. This special power of permanent members was called as Veto. The specialty of these permanent members is that they were the victors of Second World War.

2. Security Council has the power for declaring and conducting the economic and Commercial Strike against nations.

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