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PSC Class 32: World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO

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World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO:

1. The list of World Heritage Wealth was prepared by United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO). Paris is the Head quarters of UNESO, which came into existence in 1946. The World Heritage Sites project was started in 1978.

2. Currently there are more than 900 sites declared as World Heritage by UNESCO.

3. It was in 1983, both Ajanta – Ellora caves and Taj Mahal got a place in the list of World Heritage Sites. Both of them were the first to declare from India.

4. Koodiyattam is the Kerala Art form accepted by UNESCO as great work of Ancient Heritage.

5. ‘Kalinga Prize’ is the award introduced by UNESCO for Science Promotion. The award which was first given in 1952 was accepted by Louis D Brouli.

6. As a respect for the winner of Kalinga Prize, UNESCO is giving ‘Albert Einstein Silver Medal’ and India is giving ‘Ruchi Ram Sahni Chair’.

7. Jagajith Singh (1963) is the first indian winner of Kalinga Prize.

8. UNESCO selected Edinbaro of Scotland as world’s first ‘Literature City’.

9. February 21 is declared as ‘World Mother Language Day’ by UNESCO.

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