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PSC Class 62: Indian Missiles Programmes

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1. Which is the first locally developed missiles programme in India?
Integrated Guided Missile Development Programme (IGMDP)

2. In which year, IGMDP was formed?

3. Which are the missiles that developed by India through IGMDP Project?
Agni, Prithvi, Akash and Trishul

4. What are the mid distance missiles of India?
Agni 1 and Agni 2

5. What is the distance limit of Agni 1 missile?
700 km to 1250 km

6. What is the distance limit of Agni 2 missile?
2000 km to 3000 km

7. Which is the short distant atomic missile of India?
Prithvi 1 and Prithvi 2

8. What are the air defense missiles of India?
Akash and Prithvi

9. Which is the Anti Tank Missile of India?

10. Which is the first land surface missile that developed locally by India?

11. What are the missile testing centers of India?
Chandipur, Balasore, Wheeler Island (in Odisha)

12. When was Prithvi Missile transferred to Indian Militant Forces?

13. Which is the first locally developed Radar System of India?

14. Which is the first locally developed observation plane of India (No Pilot)?
Lakshya and Nishand

15. Who is called as father of Indian Missile Project?
Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

16. Which is the supersonic cruise missile jointly developed by India and Russia?
BRAHMOS (It got its name from the rivers, Brahmaputra and Moskva)

17. Who is called as the Missile women of India?
Tessy Thomas. She served as the project director of Agni 4 Missiles.

18. Who developed Maitri Missile?
Maitri Missile is jointly developed by India and France.

19. Which is called as ‘Missile of Future’?

Atomic Projects:

1. When was first atomic explosion held?
1974 May 18

2. Which is the first place, where nuclear bomb test is held?
Pokhran of Thar Desert in Rajasthan

3. What is the assigned code name given to first nuclear bomb test in India?
Smiling Buddha

4. When was nuclear bomb test held for second time in India?
1998 May 11, 13 (Its code name is ‘Operation Shakti’)

5. How many atomic tests were held till now in India?
Six (One in 1974 and Five in 1998)

6. When hydrogen bomb test was first conducted in India?
1998 (One in five nuclear tests)

7. When Indian Atomic Energy Commission was came into existence?

8. Who is called as ‘Father of Indian atomic project’?
Dr HJ Baba

9. Who is called as ‘Father of the India's nuclear bomb’?
Dr Raja Ramanna

10. Which is the first atomic reactor of India?
Apsara (1956)

11. Where is ‘Baba Atomic Research Center’ established?
1957 (in Trombay)

12. Which is the nuclear power plant built in Tamil Nadu with the help of Russia?

13. Where is ‘Indira Gandhi Atomic Research Center’ of Tamil Nadu located?

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