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PSC Class 64: India – Through the Districts

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1. There are more than 600 districts in India. The Kutch of Gujarat is the biggest district in India based on land area.

2. Uttar Pradesh is the state which has most districts in India – 75 districts. Sonabadra is the biggest district of Uttar Pradesh.

3. Jaisalmar is the biggest district of Rajasthan (biggest state of India). The Atomic Research Centre of India, Pokran was in this district.

4. There are 32 districts in Tamil Nadu. Erode is the biggest district. Chennai is the smallest district.

5. Mumbai city is the smallest district based on land area in the Indian states.

6. There are 30 districts in Karnataka. Gulbarga is the biggest, where Bangalore is smallest.

7. Mumbai city is the biggest district of India according to Population Density. Leh has lowest population density.

8. Pathanamthitta is the district of kerala which has high literacy rate, least in Palakkad.

9. The biggest district of Kerala is Palakkad. The position of biggest district for Idukki was lost, when the kuttampuzha village of Idukki district is merged with Ernakulam. Alappuzha is the smallest district.

10. Ernakulam is the first Budget district of Kerala.

11. Palakkad is the first district of India, where all families have a Bank Account.

12. Kasargod is the district of Kerala, where most languages were spoken.

13. Ernakulam is the first ‘Child Friendly’ district of India.

14. The district with the name ‘Korea’ was in Chhattisgarh.

15. Kasargod is the district, where most rivers are flowing in Kerala. It was Kasargod, which is called as ‘Land of Gods’.

16. Malappuram is the district of Kerala, where Birth rate is high.

17. Kasargod is the last formed district of Kerala and it was in 1984, May 24.

18. Malappuram is the district of Kerala which has most population. Wayanad has lowest population.

19. Thiruvananthapuram has most Population Density in Kerala. Least is for Idukki.

20. Kannur is the district of Kerala, which has most Female – Male ratio. Least is for Idukki.

21. There are only five districts, when Kerala State was formed in 1956. They are Thiruvananthapuram, Kollam, Kottayam, Thrissur and Malabar.

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