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PSC Class 67: Taxes in India

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1. Taxes were the main income source for Government.

2. It was in Egypt, the tax system was first introduced in the world.

3. ‘No Taxation without Representation’ is the slogan raised during American Independence Struggle.

4. It was according to 265th section, constitution mentions about Taxes.

5. Manusmriti and Arthasastra were the ancient Indian works which mentions about Taxes.

6. Salt Law is one of the main income source for Maurya Dynasty in Ancient India.

7. Yatravedana is the tax introduced to pilgrimators in ancient india.

8. Jizya is the religion tax during the administration of Sultans.

9. Firoz Shah Tuglaq is the ruler who introduced Jizya for first time in India.

10. Akbar is the mughal ruler who withdrew Jizya.

11. Jizya was once again introduced during the period of Aurangzeb in 1679.

12. Chauth and Sardeshmukhi were the main taxes of Marata Empire.

13. Chauth Tax was introduced during the period of Shivaji.

14. It was in 1954, the commission was appointed for first time in Independent India for the study of Taxes. The Malayalee, Dr. John Matai was the leader of commision.

15. It was in 1962 April 1, the income tax act came into existence.

16. The Dr.Vijay Kelkar committee studied about the modification of direct and indirect taxes in 2003.

17. Central Government, State Government and Regional Institutions has the power to introduce the taxes.

18. The main taxes of central government were income, customs duties, central excise and service tax.

19. The famous taxes of state government were Sales Tax, Vehicle Tax and Land Tax.

20. The main taxes of regional institutions including Panchayat, Muncipality and Corporation were Land Tax, Labour Tax and Entertainment Tax.

21. The tax introduced for film theatres is Entertainment Tax.

22. Excise tax is the tax, which is the major income source of central government.

23. Sales Tax is the main income source for State Government.

24. Normally Taxes can be split into two as Direct Tax and Indirect Tax.

25. Income Tax, Wealth Tax and Agriculture Income Tax were the examples of Direct Tax.

26. The tax partially or completely fixed on one person, which was given by another person is called as Indirect Tax.

27. The examples for Direct Tax were sales tax, excise tax and customs tax.

28. Value Added Tax (VAT) is the system for self estimating the tax which want to pay the tax payer.

29. It was in France in 1954, the VAT was first introduced in the world. Brazil is the second country which introduced the VAT.

30. It was Financial commission, who prepare recommendations for sharing the taxes between the central and state governments.

31. It was in 2005 April 1, the Value Added Tax came into existence in India.

32. Toll is the tax which wanted to give for vehicle transport through the travel in Bridge and Road. Toll is normally collected from the Bridges and Roads built with the help of Private Sector.

33. Fat Tax is the tax fixed on food items  in the western countries for for facing problems from Big Fats.

34. Carbon Tax is the tax fixed on Factories causing Pollution. New Zealand is the first country where this tax is introduced (2005).

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