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PSC Class 68: Lottery Tickets in India

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1. It was in China, Lottery Ticket was first started in world.

2. It is believed that Lottery Ticket Sale is conducted for financing the fund for constructing the Great Wall of China.

3. It was in Kerala, Lottery Ticket sale was first started in India.

4. It was in the section of state list of constitution, mention of bet is said.

5. It was lottery ticket, which contributes a major portion of tax income of Kerala.

6. It was in 1967, Kerala Government decided to start the Chitty and Lottery Tickets. It was in 1967 September 1, the lottery ticket department was established in Kerala.

7. PK.Kunju is the financial minister of Kerala, who started Lottery Ticket. EMS Nampoothiripad is the chief minister of kerala, when lottery ticket was first started.

8. PK Syed Muhammad is the first director of Lottery Ticket. Earlier, Kerala Lottery Ticket was under the financial department. Currently, Kerala Lottery Ticket was under the control of Tax Department.

9.  The first Ticket Sale of Kerala Lottery Ticket was sarted in 1967 November 1. The first draw of Kerala Lottery Ticket was in 1968 January 26. One Rupee is the ticket rate of first lottery ticket of Kerala.

10. Rs 50,000 is the first prize of first lottery ticket of Kerala. From first lottery ticket sale, Kerala government minted a profit of 14 lakhs.

11. It was in government presses, Kerala lottery tickets were printed. Lottery tickets were printed by the kerala books and publication society of Trikkarkara and the Government Press in Mannanthala.

12. It was infront of a special panel, the draw of lottery tickets were held. Political leaders, famous personalities of Social – Cultural area were the members of Draw Panel. The chairman of Panel of Lottery Ticket Draw was the MLA of Draw helding region.

13. It was from district lottery ticket office, the prizes upto 1 lakh rupees is given. The lottery tickets, which got prize above 1 lakh should be given to director of State lottery for receiving money.

14. The prize amount upto Rs 5000 is exempted from tax. 18 years is the lowest age for becoming a lottery agent.

15. Supper Lotto is the first online lottery of India. The first draw of Super lotto was held in Sikkim in 2002 March 29.

16. The company called Playwin Infravest Private Limited introduced the first online lottery of India.

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