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PSC Class 69: Rupees in India

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1. Shershah Suri (1540 - 1545) is the ruler who imported coins in india for first time in the name “Rupia”.

2. Rupia was the coins made from Silver.

3. The gold coins released in the period of Persha is called as ‘Mehar’.

4. Daam is the copper coin released in the period of Shersha Suri.

5. The native country which was fixed in the coin called ‘Dosti London’ which points the friendship of British is Mewar.

6. The coins released for first time in India by English People is called as Caroline, Angelina, Co-operon and Tinni.

7. The british law which was states that government only has the rights for releasing currency notes is called as Paper Currency Act of 1861.

8. The new coin system came into existence in independent india was in 1950 August 15.

9. The coins of Ana system was introduced in india was in 1950 August 15.

10. 16 Ana is called as One Rupee.

11. The Decimal series (Decimal Coin System) came into existence in india was in 1957 April 1.

12. The Naya Paisa came into existence in india between the period, 1957 April to 1964 June 1.

13. The country which distributed the black money in india widely during Second World War is by Japan.

14. Promissory Clause on Bank Notes was given by Reserve Bank Governor.

15. The Governor who signed in Bank Notes for first time was James Tailor.

16. The institution who has the power to release Bank Notes in India is Reserve Bank.

17. Central Government has the power to release the coins in India.

18. It was Asoka Pillar fixed in currency notes which released for first time in independent india.

19. The year in which Mahatma Gandhi’s image on currency notes is released is 1996.

20. The central government has the power to release the currency note upto Rs 1000.

21. The year in which a single currency note which have value upto Rs 5000 and Rs 10,000 were stopped in 1978.

22. The value of indian currency notes was marked in 17 languages on each notes.

23. The coin minting presses in india is located in Mumbai, Alipur (Kolkata), Cherallapalli (Hyderabad) and Noida.

24. The currency note press which print the notes was in Nashik (Maharashtra).

25. The bank note press is located in Diwas (Madhya Pradesh).

26. Visa, Passport, Postal Order, Indira Vikas Patra, Kisan Vikas Patra, Stamp Papers were printed in India  Security Press (Nashik Road).

27. The low valued Judicial/ Non Judicial Stamp papers, Postal Stamps and Postal Stationaries were printed by Security Printing Press (Hyderabad).

28. The Security Paper Mill, which prints Security Papers was in Hoshangabad (Hyderabad).

29. The note printing units called Note Mudran Limited was functioned directly by Reserve Bank. It is located in Mysore and Salboni (West Bengal).

30. The Keralite who appeared in Five Rupee Coin is Sree Narayana Guru.

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