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PSC Class 71: Industrilization in India

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1. Jamshed G Tatta is known as the father of Modern Industry of India.

2. It was in Bombay in 1854, the establishment of first cotton mill in India is happened. India is in third position in the production of cotton textiles in the world. The first chana mill was established in india in Rishrayi near to Kolkata. The first cement factory of India was established in Chennai.

3. Cotton Textiles is the indian trade which is in top position in the area of Importing and also in Employment. It was in Tamil Nadu, the most number of cotton textiles is located.

4. Nine famous public sector companies were declared by the indian government as Navaratna Company in 1997.

5. It was in 1991, the new Trade Policy in India was declared.

6. It was according to the recommendation from C.Rangarajan Committee, the sale of shares by Public sector companies is started.

7. Bokaro Steel Production Plant (Steel Plant) is located at Jharkhand. Bhilai Steel Plant is located at Chhattisgarh. Both of the plants were built with the co-operation of Earlier Soviet Union.

8. Rourkela Steel Plant is at Orissa. It was built with the co-operation from Germany.

9. Durgapur Steel Plant is located at West Bengal. It was built with the co-operation from Britain.

10. The public sector steel plant which is most profitable in india is Bhilai.

11. The first large scale Iron and Steel Plant of India is Tata Steel Plant established in 1907 in Jamshedpur of Jharkhand.

12. The Hindustan Shipyard of Visakhapatnam is the first ship construction plant of india. Earlier it is known as the ‘Scindia Shipyard’.

13. ‘Jal Usha’ (1948) is the first ship built completely in india and it was in Hindustan Shipyard.

14. Cochin Shipyard is the biggest ship construction plant of india. ‘Rani Padmini’ is the first built ship in Cochin Shipyard.

15. BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) is the establishment which gives industrial quality assurance seal ‘ISI’.

16. ‘Eco-Mark’ is the seal which is giving for environmental friendly products which has quality. ‘Agmark Seal’ is related with quality level of Agricultural Products. ‘Rug Mark’ is the quality assurance seal given to products which is not made from child work.

17. The Nepanagar of Madhya Pradesh is famous for Newsprint Production. Pimpri is famous for Antibiotic Production.

18. It was Abid Hussain Committee, which studied about the small scale, medium village industries.

19. Ambassador Cars were built in Kolkata. It was in Gurgaon of Haryana, the Maruti cars are built.

20. The first central industry department minister of India is Shyama Prasad Mukherjee. KP Gopalan is the first Industril Minister of Kerala.

21. ‘Antrix Co-operation’ is the commercial section of ISRO.

22. Tata Motors is the company which is producing the Nano Cars. Earlier, the factory was in Singapore of Bengal. But after the agitations, it is shifted to Sanand of Gujarat in 2008.

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