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PSC Class 72: Share Market in India

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1. ‘Bear Market’ is the situation, when the Share Market index drops. ‘Bull Market’ is known as the raise of Share Market index.

2. The Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) established in 1875 is the most oldest in Asia.

3. The Share Market Index of Bombay Stock Exchange is called as ‘BSE Sensex’ (from 1986). There are 30 companies listed in the BSE Sensex. The short term of ‘Sensitive Index’ IS SENSEX.

4. The term ‘Sensex’ was first instructed by ‘Deepak Mohoni’.

5. Mumbai Stock Exchange is located at Dalal street of Mumbai. The institution is working at ‘Feroz Geejabhai Towers’ . It was in 1956, the central government accepted Mumbai Stock Exchange as nation’s first Share Market.

6. The first company to register in Bombay Stock Exchange is DSP (D.S.Prabhu Das and company).

7. It was in 1992 November, National Stock Exchange of India is established. In 1993 April, it become Stock Exchange. It is located at Mumbai.

8. The National Stock Exchange Index is simply called as Nifty. There are a total of 50 companies were listed in National Stock Exchange.

9. The first Stock Exchange of Kerala is established in 1978 in Kochi.

10. SEBI – Securities and Exchange  Board of India is the institution for controlling and uniting the activities of Share Market in India. It was in 1988, SEBI is established and in 1992, it legally became an establishment.

11. The headquaters of SEBI is located at Mumbai.

12. The institution which released Stocks and Bonds for first time in world is ‘Dutch East India Company’ in 1602.

13. The NASDAQ of America is the first Electronic Share Market of World. (NASDAQ – National Association of Security Dealers Automated Quotations).

14. New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is the biggest share market in the world, according to the daily handling of Dollar Value.

15. New York Stock Exchange has the nickname, ‘Big Board’.  Dr Johns Industrial Average is the main Share Index.

16. It was in the wall street of America, New York Stock Exchange is located.

17. It was in the Tokyo Stock Exchange of Japan, most of the companies share market is listed. Here the index were ‘Nikkei’ and ‘Pix’.

18. FTSE – 100 is the London Stock Exchange’s index. Shanghai – A is the main Share Index of China.

19. ‘Cemex’ is the share index of Singapore and  ‘Hang Seng’ is the share index of Hongkong.

20. Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited (MTNL) is the indian public sector institution, which got a place in the list of New York Stock Exchange.

21. The first indian company which is listed in NASDAQ is Infosys.

22. Infosys (2006) is the first indian company which got a place in the ‘NASDAQ - 100’ list, which consists of famous companies of world.

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