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PSC Class 73: Poverty Eradication in India

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1. Africa is the continent, where most of the people were under poverty. According to world bank’s calculation, 21 percent of world population were living under strong poverty.

2. World Bank consider the situation, where there is no income much than 1.25 American dollar per day as ‘strong poverty’ and if there is no income much than 2 American Dollar is considered as ‘Poverty’.

3. It was in 2002 August, the international poverty center is established. Brazilia (Brazil) is its headquarters.

4. United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) prepare the ‘Human Development Report’.

5. The ‘Human Development Report’ was first released in 1990. Pakistan Economic Scientist, Mahbub Ul Haq is considered as father of ‘Human Development Report’.

6. A Country’s Age, Education Quality and Living Quality were the base for preparing the Human Development Report.

7. According to UNDP’s Human Development Report in 2000, India’s position was 134. Norway is the topmost country in the list. Niger, an african country is last in the list (182).

8. It was Planning Commission of India, who decide the Poverty Line. Tendulkar Committee is formed for re deciding the Poverty Level.

9. It was Indira Gandhi, who raised the slogan ‘Garibi Hatao’ (Clean the Poverty).

10. October 17 is celebrated as International Poverty Eradication Day. It was between the period, 1997 – 2006, United Nations Organisation celebrated the First Poverty Eradication Decade.

11. World Bank prepare the ’World Development Report’.

12. ‘Kudumba Sree’ is the complete poverty eradication project started in 7 wards of Alappuzha during the period 1993 – 1993.

13. The official inauguration of Kudumbasree Project  is done by the then prime minister, Atal Bihari Vajpayee at Malappuram in 1998 May 17. The basic factors of Kudumbasree Project were ‘Self Support Organisations’.

14. Poverty and Famine is the work of ‘Amartya Sen’.

15. The ‘KBK’ districts of Orissa were known as the most poverty area of India. Kalahandi, Bolangir and Koraput were the KBK Districts.

16. The national income of India was calculated by the Central Statistical Organisation (CSO).

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