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PSC Class 74: Tourism in India

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1. A British called ‘Thomas Cook’ is considered as the ‘Father  of Modern Tourism’. The first tour
package of world was organised in England in 1841 July 5. Thomas Cook is also the first tour operator.

2. World Tourism Organisation is the related agency of United Nations Organisation. The Organisation was established in 1975. Headquaters is Mandrid of Spain.

3. September 27 is conducting as World Tourism Day. January 25 is Indian Tourism Day.

4. It was the period from 2006 – 2007, Kerala government declared it as ‘Medical Tourism Year’.

5. It was the year 2002, which is celebrated as International Eco – tourism Day.

6. Indian Tourism Development Co-operation came into existence in 1966.

7. Kerala (1986) is the first indian state which accepted Tourism as an industry. ‘Vazhiyoram’ project is a tourist development programme started by State Tourism Department in 2005.

8. The first ‘Eco-Tourism’ project of India is started in 1998, July 1 in Thenmala of Kollam district.

9. The first tourism village of kerala is in Kumbali of Ernakulam district.

10. ‘Gods own Country’ is the advertising words of Kerala Tourism Department.

11. ‘Kohinoor of India’ is the advertising words of Andra Pradesh. ‘Soul of India’ is the advertising words of Orissa Tourism Department.

12. The memorial in which the most highest number of tourists pay a visit is Effil Tower of Paris.

13. There is a system for Miss Earth to participate in the awareness programmes of Tourism in Philippines.

14. An American, Dennis Tito (2001) is the first space tourist traveler. The space travelers visit the International Space Center.

15. An Iranian called ‘Anousheh Ansari’ (America) is the first women space traveler. The travel was in 2006 September.

16. A South African tourist traveller  called Mark Shuttleworth (2002) is the second space traveller. The third space traveller is an American, Gregory Olsen (2005). Anoushe Ansari is the fourth and Charles Simonyi is fifth (2007, 2009) and Richard Gariyat is sixth (2008).

17. The only person, who visited space for two times is Charles Simonyi.

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