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PSC Class 78: Indian and Western Music

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Indian Music:

1. Sama Veda is considered as the source of Indian Music.

2. Saptaswarams---- were Shadjam (Sa), Rishabam (Re), Gandharam (Ga), Madhyamam (Ma), Panjamam (Pa), Daivatam (Dha) and Nishadam (Ni)

3. Carnatic Music has 72 basic Ragas.

4. The basic ragas of Carnatic Music were called as Melakarta Ragas.

5. The author of modern carnatic music system based on basic ragas is Venkatamakhin.

6. The two basic sections of Indian music were Carnatic Music and Hindustani.

7. ‘Sangeetha Ratnakaram’ is the work of Sarangadeva.

8. The father of Carnatic Music is Purandara Dasa (1484 - 1564).

9. The basic raga of Carnatic Music studies is Mayamalavagowla.

10. The basic raga of music studies as Mayamalavagowla was introduced by Purandara Dasa.

11. The carnatic music raga which was sung in the morning were Bhoopalam, Malayamarutham, Malahari and Gowri.

12. The ragas – Bilahari, Saveri and Devamanohari were sung at the first yamam of the day.

13. The ragas which was sung in the second yamam of a day were Madhyamavathi, Sarangam and Sree.

14. The ragas sung in the evening were Hindolam, Kapi, Kanada.

15. The ragas sung in the interval between day and night (twilight) were Sankarabharanam, Kalyani and Nattukurinchi.

16. The ragas Panthuvarali, Neelambari and Anandabhairavi were sung in the night.

17. The Carnatic ragas which is believed to be sung at any time of a day were  Mohanam and Kamboji.

18. It was Tallapaka Annamacharya who started the keerthanam of Carnatic Music.

19. The trinity of Carnatic Music were Syama Sastrigal (1762 - 1827), Thyagarajan (1767 - 1847) and Muthuswamy Deekshitar (1776 - 1835).

20. It was Syama Sastrigal, who introduced the Sangeetamsham – Swarajathi in Carnatic Music.

21. The ragas – Malayamarutham, Mayooradwani and Nalinakanthi were introduced by Thyagarajan.

22. The introduction of Violin in Sangeetha Kacheri was by Muthuswamy Deekshitar.

23. The author of Pancharatna keerthanas is Thyagarajan.

24. The introducer of Hamsadhwani raga is Ramaswami Dikshitar.

25. Every year, Thyagaraja Sangeetholsavam was held in Thiruvaiyaru of Tamil Nadu.

26. Tanna Mishra who was pioneer is also known in the name, Tansen (Ram Thanu) in the music world.

27. Tansen was in the court of emperor ‘Akbar’.

28. The teacher of Tansen is Swami Haridas.

29. Tansen was named after it is given to him by Gwalior king, Vikram Jith.

30. The Hindustan ragas which is believed to be introduced by Tansen is Mian ki Jayodhi, Mian ki Sarang and Mian ki Malhar.

31. The music instruments generally used in both Carnatic Music and Hindustani Music was Tamburu.

Western Music:

1. October 1 is celebrating as World Music Day.

2. It was the ‘Yehudi Menuhin’ in 1975, started the World Music Day.

3. Beethoven is the musician, who composed Symphonies by overcoming his limitations of Deaf.

4. The Musician ‘Haydn’ is called as ‘the father of Symphonies’.

5. The only Opera of Beethoven is ‘Fidelio’.

6. Beatles is the world famous pop music troupe. It is vanished in 1971. John Lennon, Paul Mccartney, Ringo starr, George Harrison were in the Beatles team.

7. The singer who was considered as the king of Rock N’ Roll music is Elvis Presley.

8. ‘Moonwalk’ is the autobiography of Michael Jackson.

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