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PSC Class 79: Indian and Western Paint Arts

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Indian Paint Art:

1. ‘Rajput’ is the paint art that existed in the areas of Rajputana, Bundelkhand, Punjab and Himalayan regions .

2. The main subject of Thanjavoor Paint Art were Sri Rama Pattabhishekam and Sree Krishna Stories.

3. Mithila Painting method is the women dominated art.

4. Pahari Paint Art is the Painting method that existed in the Jammu, Kulu, Garhwal and Kangra.

5. It was through Rajasthan Paintings, the main subject of Radha – Krishna love can be seen.

6. Fresco Paint Art is the painting method which is drawn by natural made colors in mud soil surface.

7. Nandalal Bose is known as the ‘Father of Indian Paintings’. The tapasya of Uma, Pranamam, Spring, Sivaparvati, Gopini were his famous works.

8. The famous works drawn by Amrita Shergil were The Nudes, Conservation.

9. Raja Ravi Varma was born in Kilimanoor Palace in 1848 April 29. Died in 1906. His paintings got first prize in Vienna Art Exhibition held in 1873.

10. MF Hussain is called as ‘Indian Picasso’. He is also called as ‘Painter with naked foot’. His paint is ‘Gajagamini’.

11. KCS.Panicker is the art painter who established the ‘Chola Mandalam Art Village’ near Chennai in Tamil Nadu. ‘ Peace makers would be Blessers, Life of a Malabar Farmer, Lumbini, Mother and Baby, Fruit Seller, Dog, River’ were his notable works.

12. TK.Padmini is the famous malayalee women painter. ‘Growth, Dreamland, Dawn, Women’ were her paintings.

Western Art Paints and Stone Arts:

1. Baroque Art Paint style and Stone Art was started in Rome.

2. Cubism was formed in France. Picasso started this system.

3. It was in Germany in the 20th century, Expressionist style Painting method was started

4. The Futurism was originated in Italy.

5. Surrealism is the painting method started in France in 1924. Salvador Dali drawn in this method.

6. The Sunflower, The Starinite, The Night Café, The Confield, Pottato Eaters etc were famous paintings of Vincent Vangong. Van Gogh Museum is located at Amsterdam.

7. Goornika, The Old Guitarist, The Blue Room etc were Picasso’s Paintings.

8. Monalisa, Madonna of the Rocks, The Last Supper etc were the paintings drawn by Leonardo Da Vinchi. It was in the Paris in Louvre Museum, the Monalisa Painting is kept.

9. Rembrandt Dutch is a painter. He is called as the king of Light and Shadows. The famous paintings are Blinding of Samson, Rape of Ganymede and the Night Watch are the famous Paintings.

10. The Persistence of Memory, The Premonition of Civil War etc are the paintings drawn by the Salvador Dali, who was a  Surrealist painter from Spain.

11. The Paintings ‘The Scream’ is drawn by Munch.

12. The Spanish Painter Pablo Picasso’s  notable work is ‘Guernica’.

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