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PSC Class 80: Festivals in India

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1. Vishu is celebrated in the malayalam month ‘Medam 1’. Vishu is an agricultural festival. It is believed that vishu celebration was started much earlier than Onam.

2. The official flower of Kerala, Kanikonna is also called in the name of Karnikaram.

3. ‘Vishumattam’ is the trade held in the Vishu day at Cheranalloor of Ernakulam district.

4. Vishu is celebrated in the first day of olden agricultural calendar of India.

5. Along with Vishu, other festivals held in other parts of India in the same day were Bihu, Vaishali, Ugadi etc.

6. Bihu is celebrated in Assam. Bihu Dance related with the Bihu festival is a famous one. Bihu is the festival related with New Year of Assam.

7. Ugadi is the new year day festival of people in the deccan region of South India.

8. Gudi Padwa is the new year festival day of Maharashtra.

9. Vaishali is the famous harvesting festival of Punjab. Vaishali festival marks the new year of Punjab.

10. Puthandu is the new year festival of Tamil Nadu.

11. ‘Aadi Perukku’ is the festival of Tamil Nadu, which was the welcoming of Rain Season.

12. Bandi is the festival of punjab during the months of October and November.

13. Baneshwar Mela is the tribal festival which is famous during the month of January in Rajasthan.

14. ‘Buddha Purnima’ is the celebration held in the full moon day of Vaishaka Month.

15. Chaliyo is the celebration of Sindhi sections in North India.

16. Deepavali is the celebration which marks the economic prosperity.

17. Dussehra is the celebration in memory of the killing of Ravanan by Lord Rama. Vijayadashami is the other name of Dussehra festival.

18. Navaratri festival is held related to Dussehra. During Navaratri festival in Gujarat, Garba Dance is held. Some puranas mentions about the killing of Mahishasura by Goddess Kali in the Dussehra Day.

19. Children would start the writing in their life in the day of Vijayadeshami.

20. Elephant fair is the festival held in Rajasthan every year related with Holi. Only the female elephants were present at the venue of Elephant fair.

21. ‘Guru Poornima’ is celebrated in the full moon day of Ashada month. Guru Poornima is also called as Vyasa Poornima.

22. Gangasagar Mela is held every year in the region where Ganga river falls in Sea.

23. Holi is one of the most oldest festival of India.

24. It was in the full moon day (January) of Phalguna month, Holi is celebrated. It is the festival of colors.

25. Hampi festival is held in Karnataka every year in November month. It is a dance music festival.

26. Janmashtami is the festival related with the birthday of Sree Krishna.

27. Navroz is the new year festival of Parsi.

28. Kumba Mela is the festival conducted in different places once in 12 years.

29. Kumba Mela is held in the places Allahabad, Nashik, Ujjain and Haridwar.

30. Kumba Mela is one of the biggest festival of India, which is participated by pilgrims around the world. It is believed that Kumba Mela is the most oldest Mela of World.

31. Ardh Kumbh Mela is held once in Six years.

32. Lohri is the festival held in North India at the beginning of Winter Season.

33. Pushkar Mela is the famous mela held every year in Rajasthan. It is also the largest domestic animal mela (in Pushkar) of world.

34. Pongal is celebrated in the places of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

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