PSC Class 86: Wars in India

1. The year in which Alexander attacked India is BC 326.

2. It was between the forces of Alexander and Porus, who fought in the Hydaspes war in BC 326.

3. Hydaspes war is occurred in the Jhelum riverside.

4. It was the Arab leader, Muhammad Bin Qasim who attacked India in AD 712.

5. The year in which Asoka Empire made Kalinga war is BC 261.

6. First Tarain War is occured in AD 1191.

7. The first Tarain war was between the forces of Prithviraj Chauhan and Muhammad Ghori.

8. The war that lead to the Muslim rule in India is Second Tarain War.

9. The second tarain war in which Muhammad Ghori defeated Pritviraj Chauhan was in 1192.

10. Tarain, which is the venue where Tarain wars are held is now in Haryana.

11. Muhammad Ghori defeated the Rajaputra ruler “Jayachandran” in chandawar war in 1194.

12. The war in which Mughal Empire made a foundation in India is First Panipat war of 1526.

13. The forces of Babur and Ibrahim Lodhi fought each other in First Panipat war in 1526.

14. It was in the Khanwa war of 1527, Babur defeated the Rajputs and vanished them.

15. It was in the Gogra War of 1529, Babur defeated the Afghans of Bengal and Bihar.

16. It was in the Chausa war of 1539, Sher Shah Suri defeated the Mughal king, Humayun.

17. It was in the Kanauj war occurred in 1540 (Bilgram War), Shershah defeated Humayun for second time.

18. The war that became a reason for re-establishing the Mughal rule in India is Second Panipat war of 1556.

19. The army leader, who led the Afghan army against Akbar in second Panipat war is Hemu.

20. It was in the war of Haldighati war of 1576, the army of Akbar defeated the Rajputs of Mewar.

21. The leader of Mughal army who defeated Rana Pratap of Mewar in Haldighati war is Raja Man Singh of Amber.

22. The historical importance of Talikota War (Bannihatti War) in 1565 is end of Vijayanagara Empire.

23. The bahamni countries who fought against the joined army of Talikota war is Birar, Bidar, Ahmednagar, Bijapur and Golkonda.

24. The ruler of Vijayanagara in Talikota war is Rama Raya.

25. The leader of allied army of bahamni countries in Talikota war is Golkonda Sulthan, Ibrahim Qutab.

26. The Persian ruler who exported the Koh-i-Noor diamonds and Peacock Throne from India to Persia is Nader Shah.

27. It was in the Carnal War, occurred in 1739, both the army of Nader Shah and Mughal force fought.

28. The war that made foundation for British rule in India is Plassey War of 1757.

29. Plassey War was between British force of Robert Clive and force of Bengal Nawab Siraj Ud-Dhaula.

30. The war that disintegrated the Marata Empire is Third Panipat war of 1761.

31. The Marathas were defeated in the Third Panipat war against the Afghan force of Ahmed Shah Abdali.

32. The war that made British’s supremacy in India is Buxar war of 1764.

33. The carnatic war was between the English and French.

34. The carnatic war was occurred in the years “1746 - 1748”, “1749 - 1754”, ”1758 - 1763”.

35. Tipu Sultan was murdered in the Srirangapatna war of 1799 May 4 (Fourth Anglo Mysore War).

36. The war that ended according to Aix-La-Chapelle Treaty in 1748 is First Carnatic War.

37. The war that ended through Pondicherry Treaty is Second Carnatic War.

38. Third Carnatic war ended with Paris Treaty.

39. The Third Anglo-Mysore war ended in Srirangapatna Treaty (1792).