PSC Class 87: Kings of India

1. Magadha is the first Empire of Ancient India. The major portions of Magadha belongs to current parts of Bihar State.

2. Mahapadma Nanda is the first emperor of Magadha Empire. Mahapadma Nanda's administration was in BC 4th century.

3. Sree Buddha Mahavira were contemporary to Magadha king, Bimbisaran.

4. The major ruler of Magadha, Ajatashatru was the son of Bimbisara. It was during the era of Ajatashatru, both Buddha and Mahavira retired their life.

5. It was in BC 326, Alexander emperor attacked India. Porus is the Indian king who was defeated by Alexander,

6. Ajatashatru is the king who established Pataliputra city. Pataliputra is the current Patna city.

7. Chandragupta Maurya is the establisher of Maurya Dynasty. Maurya Empire is established in BC 321.

8. ‘Chanakya’ is the minister of Chandragupta Maurya. The original name of Chanakya is Vishnugupta, who was also called as Kautlya. It was Chanakya, whose work is Arthashastra.

9. Megasthenes is the greek political thinker who visited Chandragupta Maurya’s Palace. The work of Megasthenes is ‘Indica’.

10. Bindusara is the next king after Chandragupta Maurya. Emperor Asoka was the son of Bindusara.

11. The empire of Asoka is the biggest till now in India. It is believed that the period of Asoka’s admiistration was fom BC 273 to 232.

12. Asoka attacked Kalinga country in BC 261. Asoka was the first ruler who made Buddhism as official religion of country. He is also called in the name ‘Devanampriya Priyadarshi’.

13. Kanishka is the main king of Kushana Dynasty. The king Kanishka is also called as ‘Second Asoka’.

14. It is believed that Kanishka’s administration was from AD 78 to 120. Saka Year calender war started in AD 78 by Kanishka. Saka year is the national calendar of India.

15. The era of gupta king is the golden period of India. It was Sri Gupta, who established Gupta Empire.

16. Chandragupta I is the first main king of Gupta Dynasty. It was Chandragupta I, who started Gupta year in AD 320.

17. Samudragupta is the most famed king of Gupta Dynasty. Harisena is the famous minister in the court of Samudragupta, who was named as Indian Napolean.

18. Chandragupta II was the Gupta king who accepted the position name ‘Vikramaditya’. It was in the court of Vikramaditya;s palace, the so called ‘Nine Gems’ is popular. The hero of Vikramaditya – Vetala stories was Vikramaditya Chandragupta II.

19. Harshavardhana is the last Hindu emperor of North India. The administration period of Harshavardhana was from AD 606 to 647. Harshavardhana was the king of Pushyabhuti Dynasty.

20. Krishnadevaraya is the expert, who was the empire of Vijayanagara. His administration was from 1509 to 1529.

21. ‘Slave Dynasty’ is the first Muslim dynasty of India. The Slave Dynasty was established by Qutb ud-Din Aibak in AD 1206.

22. Razia Sultana (1236 - 1240) is the only women who ruled the throne of Delhi.

23. ‘Muhammad Bin Tughluq’ is the ruler who is called as ‘cleverest fool’.

24. Mughal Dynasty was established by Babur in 1526. Akbar is the famous ruler of Mughal Dynasty.

25. Bahdur Shah II is the last Mughal King.