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PSC Class 97: Gandhi – Points to Remember

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1. Gandhiji was born in 1869 October 2 at Porbandar. The birth place of Gandhiji was also famous in mythologies, since it is the birth place of character ‘Kuchela’.

2. When Gandhi married the 14 years old, Kasturba Gandhi in 1883 May, his age is 13.

3. Gandhi went to London University College for Law study in 1888 September.

4. Gandhi was called in the nickname ‘Manu/Monia’ in his childhood.

5. Gandhi went to South Africa for studying the case of Dada Abdulla and company in 1893.

6. It was in the ‘Pietermaritzburg’ station, Gandhiji was exit from train in between the journey.

7. Gandhiji called South Africa as his ‘Political Laboratory’.

8. Natal Indian Congress (1894) is the society formed by Indian races of South Africa, according to the instructions from Gandhiji.

9. The Book of John Ruskin, which influenced Gandhiji the most, is ‘On to this last’.

10. The monastery instituted by Gandhiji near Durban city of South Africa with the help of Albert West, Father Dock and Pollock is Phoenix Settlement.

11. The monastery founded by Gandhiji near Johannesburg for protecting the family suffering from imprisonment due to their participation in Transol Sathyagraha is Tolstoy Farm.

12. It was in 1915 January 9, Gandhiji returned to India after ending his South African visit.

13. The social society formed for the students in 1969 in relation with the 100th birthday of Gandhiji is National Service Scheme.

14. The political teacher of Gandhiji is Gopala Krishna Gokhule.

15. Gopala Krishna Gokhule adviced Gandhiji to travel around the country for one year before coming to Indian Politics.

16. The honor given by British to Gandhiji in 1915 is Kaiser-e-hind after considering his contribution for organizing the Ambulance unit in Boer War.

17. Gandhiji returned his Kaiser-e-hind honor to British towards his anger in the Jalianwalla Bag Massacre in 1920.

18. Gandhiji was invited for speaking in the stone laying function of Banaras Hindu University in 1916.

19. Sabarmati Ashram has the names Gandhi Ashram, Harijan Ashram and Sathyagraha Ashram.

20. It was in the year 1906, Gandhiji took the pledge of Nithyabrahmacharya.

21. Gandhiji wrote his autobiography in the Gujarati language.

22. The translation of Gandhiji’s autobiography to English is done by Mahadev Desai.

23. C Rajagopalachari is considered as the soul keeper of Gandhiji.

24. The diary notes of Mahadev Desai, during his life with Gandhiji are called as Day to Day with Gandhi.

25. The autobiography of Gandhiji, ‘My Experiments for Truth’ was called in Gujarati as ‘Satya na Prayogo’.

26. The series of Gandhi’s Autobiography was published in ‘Navjeevan’ was during the period ‘1925 to 1928’.

27. The period in which the autobiography of Gandhiji mentions was from 1869 to 1923.

28. After the Chauri Chaura incident in 1922 February 4, Gandhiji stopped the Non Co-operation Movement.

29. Gandhiji desired the congress as a social society after getting freedom for India in 1947. Lok Sevak Society is the name planned to give it.

30. The only time Gandhiji is selected as Congress President is Belgram Conference of 1924.

31. In 1903 June, Gandhiji started the newspaper ‘Indian Opinion’ in South Africa.

32. The Harijan Daily started by Gandhiji was in English.

33. The English weekly started by Gandhiji for publishing his ideas is ‘Young India’.

34. Gandhiji made his first satyagraha in south africa in 1906.

35. Gandhiji’s first satyagraha in India was against the law of compulsory registration from government.

36. Gandhiji founded the Sabarmati Ashram in 1915 in Ahmedabad.

37. It was in the Champaran of Bihar (1917), the first satyagraha of Gandhiji in India is happened.

38. The first No food agitation of Gandhiji in India was in Ahmedabad (1918).

39. The first satyagraha of Gandhiji in the international level is Roulat Sathyagraha.

40. The age of Gandhiji when assassinated from the gun shot of Nathuram Vinayak Godse in 1948 January 30 is 78.

41. The Round Table Conference participated by Gandhiji is Second Round Table Conference.

42. Weinstein Churchill called Gandhiji as ‘Half Naked Fakir’.

43. ‘Christ shown the aim; Gandhi – the ways’ were the words of Martin Luther King (Junior).

44. Albert Einstein mentioned Gandhiji as ‘The ideal role model for coming generations’.

45. The Martyr day in India is celebrated in January 30.

46. It was in the Britain, January 30 is celebrated as Gandhi Memorial Day.

47. The year in which the currency notes of India with Gandhi series are released is 1996.

48. The english student of Gandhi, Madeleine Slade was known in the name of ‘Mirabehn’.

49. The final resting place of Gandhiji in New Delhi is Rajghat.

50. It was Albert Einstein, who said about Gandhiji that ‘Generations to come, it may be, will scare believe that such one as this ever in flesh and blood walked upon this Earth’.

51. Gandhiji spent 21 years in South Africa.

52. The Gandhiji’s house of Johannesburg which recently a news in media, since it is put for sale is ‘The Kraal’.

53. It was Subhash Chandra Bose, who called Gandhiji as ‘Father of Nation’.

54. Rabindranath Tagore called ‘Gandhiji’ as ‘Mahatma’.

55. Gandhiji reached Kerala for first time in 1920.

56. Gandhiji visited Kerala for five times and it was in 1920, 1925, 1927, 1934 and 1936.

57. It was in memory of Gandhiji’s return to India from South Africa, Pravasi Bharathiya Day is celebrating in India.

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