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PSC Class 107: Kerala at a Glance

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1. The geographical location of Kerala is in between the North Latitude 8 degree 17 minute 30 second and 12 degree 47 minute 40 second & in between the East Longitude 74 degree 27 minute 47 second and 77 degree 37 minute 12 second.

2. The area of Kerala is 38,863 square kilometers.

3. Kerala is 21st position in size among the Indian states.

4. Kerala contributes 1.18 percent of total area of India.

5. The population of Kerala is more than 3 crore 33 lakhs. It contributes 3.1 percent of Indian population.

6. According to Population, Kerala is in 12th position among the Indian states.

7. The female-male ratio of Kerala is 1084:1000. It is highest female-male ratio of India.

8. The population density of Kerala is 860 per square kilometer.

9. Kerala is the highest literate state of India. Literacy percent is 94 %.

10. Kerala is the first complete literate state of India. (1991 April 18)

11. Kottayam is the first complete literate municipal town of India. (1989)

12. Ernakulam is the first complete literate city of India. (1990)

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