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PSC Class 112: Forests of Kerala

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1. The actual forest area of Kerala is 11,309.50 square kilometers. It contributes 29.1 percent of total area of state.

2. Kerala is in seventeenth place in Forest area in the country.

3. There are five national parks and sixteen wild life sanctuaries in Kerala.

4. The Konni Forest division is the first to declare as a reserve forest in Kerala and it was in 1888.

5. The southernmost wild life sanctuary of Kerala is Neyyar. Neyyar Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Neyyattinkara taluk of Thiruvananthapuram district. It was in 1958, Neyyar area is declared as Wild Life Sanctuary.

6. The only lion safari park of kerala is located near to Neyyar Dam in Markunnam island.

7. Idduki has the most forest land in kerala, whereas Alappuzha has the least forest area.

8. Wayanad has the highest forest land based on percentage in kerala.

9. The only wild life sanctuary of kollam district is Shenthuruni. The sanctuary got its name because of its richness in Shenthuruni tree.

10. Among the five national parks, four were in Idukki district. Iravikulam, Silent Valley, Anamudi Shola, Matikettanshola and Pambadum Shola were kerala’s national parks.

11. The first national park of kerala, Iravikulam was established in Idukki district in 1978. Its area is 0.97 square kilometers.

12. Pambadum Shola is the smallest national park of Kerala.

13. The biggest wildlife sanctuary of Kerala, Periyar has 925 square kilometers area. Periyar is also the first wildlife sanctuary of kerala. Earlier Periyar wild life sanctuary is known in the name Nellikkampetti Sanctuary. Thekkady is the other name of Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.

14. Kurinjimala is the first protected center of India, which is founded for the purpose of protecting a particular plant.

15. It was in 2006, Kurinjimala was formed for the purpose of protecting Neelakurinji.

16. The smallest wildlife sanctuary of kerala is Mangala Forest Bird Sanctuary which has only 0.0274 square kilometer area and is located in the Mangalavanam Island near to Ernakulam city.

17. Tattekadu of Ernakulam district is the first bird protection center of kerala. Tattekadu Bird Sanctuary is named to Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary. Salim Ali is a famous bird watcher.

18. The first butterfly park of Asia is inaugurated in 2008 in Thenmala of Kollam district.

19. Wayanad is the second largest wildlife sanctuary of kerala.

20. Pakshipatalam is the famous bird sanctuary of wayanad district.

21. Eravikulam is the protected center of tahr goats.

22. Choolanoor is the wild life sanctuary of kerala for the protection of peacocks. Choolanoor is located in Palakad district and the choolanoor peacock sanctuary extends to the talapilli taluk of Thrissur.

23. Silent Valley which came into existence in 1984 was in Palakad district. The total area of Silent Valley is 237.52 square kilometers including the buffer zone, which is founded in 2007. The sanctuary got its name, due to the non presence of cicadas, which makes sound. Kuntipuzha is the river flowing through Silent Valley.

24. The first community reserve of India is Kadalundi. Community Reserve is a environmental protection programme established with the support of common people.

25. Malabar Wildlife Sanctuary is founded in 2010 in Kerala.

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