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PSC Class 114: Rivers of Kerala

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1. There are 44 rivers in Kerala. 41 rivers flowing west and three are flowing east.

2. None of the great rivers of India is flowing through Kerala.

3. According to Government Regulation, the stream which is not less than 15 kilometers can be called as river. There are 11 rivers in Kerala, which has more than 100 kilometers.

4. Periyar is the river which has more length that is flowing through Kerala. Also it is the most water carrying river. Periyar has a length of 244 km in Kerala. In ancient period, Periyar is known in the name, Churni.

5. The second lengthiest river of Kerala is Bharatapuzha. Bharathapuzha is flowing through a distance of 209 kilometers in kerala.

6. The third lengthiest river of kerala is Pamba.

7. The fourth and fifth lengthiest rivers of kerala were Chaliyar and Chalakudiyar.

8. The source of Periyar River is Sivagiri hills of Sahya Mountains. It was in Periyar, most dams in kerala were built.

9. Muthirapuzha, Mullayar, Perunthurayar, Kattapanayar and Cheruthoniyar were the major tributaries of Periyar.

10. Periyar is called as Aluvapuzha. In Aluva, Periyar splits into Marthandanpuzha and Mangalapuzha.

11. The source of Bharathapuzha is Anaimalai of Tamil Nadu. The important tributaries of Bharathapuzha were Gayathripuzha, Kannadipuzha, Kalpathipuzha and Thoothapuzha.

12. The tributary of Bharatapuzha, Kannadipuzha is also known as Chitoorpuzha.

13. The Kuntipuzha which is flowing through Silent Valley is the tributary of Bharatapuzha.

14. Kuntipuzha is the river, which has least pollution in kerala.

15. Pamba is the river, which is called as ‘Baris’ in ancient period. The length of Pamba River is 176 km.

16. Kuttanad is called as ‘Gift of Pamba’.

17. Perunthenaruvi is the famous waterfalls of Pamba River.

18. Pamba is the river flowing through Sabarimala. The main tributaries of Pamba were Kakki, Ayutha, Kallar.

19. Chaliyar is flowing through Teak forests of Nilambur.

20. Athirapalli and Vazhachal waterfalls were located in Chalakudy river.

21. The main tributaries of Chalakudy River were Parambikulam, Kuriyarkutty, Sholayar and Anakayam.

22. Kabani, Bhavanipuzha, Pambar were the rivers of Kerala flowing towards east.

23. Kabani River is flowing through Wayanad district. The tributary of Kaveri river is Kabani. The tourist center, Kuruva Island is located in Kabani River.

24. Bhavanipuzha is flowing through Palakkad district.

25. Pambar is flowing through Idukki district.

26. Manjeswaram puzha is the smallest river of Kerala. The length of Manjeswaram river is 16 km. Manjeswaram river is also the northernmost river of Kerala.

27. Neyyar is the southernmost river of kerala.

28. Kasargod is the district, having most rivers in Kerala.

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