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PSC Class 119: Revolts in Kerala

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1. It was in the year 1697, people revolted against British in Anchuthengu and that revolt is called as Anchuthengu Revolt.
2. The first organised revolt against the English in Kerala was Attingal Revolt (1721).
3. Kerala Varma Pazhassi Raja is the ruler of Kottayam Nation.
4. Pazhassi was killed during his nation’s war against British in 1805.
5. Kundara Proclamation was held by Veluthampi Dalawa in 1809 January 11.
6. The Kochi Dalawa who made treaty with Veluthampi Dalawa against British Resident Colonel Macaulay is Paliath Achan.
7. Veluthampi Dalawa died at Mannadi in 1809 March 29.
8. The Kurichyas of Wayanad started their revolt against Britsh in 1812 March 25.
9. Raman Nambi led the Kurichyas Revolt.
10. The year in which Channar Revolt occurred in southern travancore is 1859.
11. The malayalee who sanctioned ‘Abolishing Untouchability Resolution’ during Kakinada Conference of Indian National Congress in 1923 is TK Madhavan.
12. The Malayalee Memorial signed by more than 10,000 members was submitted to King, Sree Moolam Thirunal in the year 1891.
13. The motive of formation of Malayali Memorial is for the purpose of obtaining the higher jobs in Travancore administration for the natives of Travancore.
14. GP Pillai and KP Shankara Menon led the Malayali Memorial.
15. The Ezhava Memorial submitted to Travancore king was signed by 13,176 members in the year, 1896 September.
16. The leader of Ezhava Memorial is Dr Palpu.
17. The year in which kerala legislative assembly sanctioned the Joint Family Ban law which resulted in the complete vanish of Marumakkatayam system is 1976.
18. The Janmi-Kudiyan law which sanctioned in legislative assembly that promotes the protection of kudiyans from landlords is in 1896.
19. The land reformation in kerala was came into existence in 1970 January 1, which stopped the land lordism that existed for centuries.
20. The first state in India, which established Land Reforms, is Kerala.
21. The society ‘Youth League’ was established in Thiruvananthapuram in 1931.
22. Travancore State Congress was formed in 1938 February.
23. The first president of Travancore State Congress is Pattom Thanu Pillai.
24. Malabar Revolt was occurred in 1921.
25. The incident which resulted in the death of more than 90 people (who were captured during the Malabar Revolt) while shifting them from Malabar to Vellore Jail in a Goods Wagon is Wagon Tragedy (1921 November 10).
26. Vaikom Sathyagraha was started in 1924 March 30 and ended in November 1925.
27. The Savarna March was led by Mannath Padmanabhan during Vaikom Sathyagraha.
28. Guruvayur Sathyagraha was held in 1931.
29. The Guruvayur Sathyagraha was ended in 1932 October upon instruction from Mahatma Gandhi.
30. The Temple Entry Proclamation was made in 1936 November 12 by King, Sree Chitra Thirunal Balarama Varma for all temples, which was under the control of Travancore Government. Upon this proclamation, all sections of hindus were allowed to enter temples.
31. The Temple Entry Proclamation is the incident that Gandhiji mentioned as ‘Great Wonder of Modern World’.
32. The year in which Temple Entry Proclamation was made in Kochi is 1947 December 20.
33. It was from 1947 June 12 onwards, all temples of malabar allowed all sections of hindus to enter temple.
34. Nivarthana Agitation was held in Travancore against the constitutional reforms of 1932.
35. The Electrol ban made by the sections of Ezhava, Muslim and Christian Communities with an allegation that they doesn’t got their right of getting accurate constituencies, Voting rights and Employment reservations according to population ratio. This movement is called as Nivarthana Agitation.
36. The person who named the above incident as ‘Nivarthana Agitation’ is IC Chacko.
37. The American Model Administration was proposed by Sir C. P.Ramaswami Iyer. He is the diwan who declared Travancore as ‘Independent’.
38. In September 1946, there occurred the Punnapra Vayalar Upheaval against the ‘American Model’ irremovable executive of CP Ramaswami Iyer.
39. ‘American Model in Arabian Sea’ is the slogan raised during Punnapra Vayalar Agitation.
40. The last diwan of Travancore is PGN Unnithan.
41. The‘‘Electricity Agitation’’ was organised against the privatisation of electric supply in Cochin and Thrissur town by Diwan R.K. Shanmukham Chetti (1936).
42. Kochi Praja Rajya constituency was formed in 1941.
43. The Kayyur Riot against caste system and imperialism was occurred in Kasargod (1941).
44. The agitation known as ‘‘Vimochana Samaram’’or ‘Liberation struggle’occurred in 1959 against Communist ministry in Kerala.
45. The Liberation Struggle got its name from the speech made by Panaballi Govinda Menon in Cherthala at 1959 April 16.
46. The EMS Government Ministry collapsed upon Liberation Struggle and the Presidents rule under the Article 356, for the first time began on 31st July 1959.

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