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PSC Class 121: Kerala Politics

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1. The first legislative assembly of kerala was came into existence in 1957 April 1.
2. The Indian president to made a speech in legislative assembly of kerala is KR Narayanan and it was in 1997 September 18.
3. The first governor of kerala is B Ramkrishna Rao. He served as Kerala Governor from 1956 November to 1960 July 1.
4. The person who was in charge as governor (acting governor) during the formation of Kerala State in 1956 November 1 is PS Rao.
5. VV Giri is the second kerala governor (1960 - 1965).
6. The only malayalee who became kerala governor is V Viswanathan. He served as kerala governor from 1967 May 15 to 1973 April 1.
7. The first woman to become kerala governor is Jyothi Venkitachalam and it was from 1977 to 1982.
8. The first kerala governor who died while in service is Sikander Bhakt. He died in 2004 February. The second kerala governor who died while in service is MOH Farook (2012).
9. VV Giri became Indian President after serving as Kerala Governor.
10. Under the leadership of EMS Namboothiripad, first kerala cabinet was formed in 1957 April 5. It continued until 1959 July 31.
11. Pattom Thanu Pillai is the second chief minister of Kerala. R Shankar is the third chief minister of kerala and was also the first congress chief minister.
12. EK Nayanar is the most served chief minister of kerala. CH Muhammad Koya is the least served chief minister.
13. K Karunakaran became chief minister for most times (four times).
14. The least served cabinet of kerala was under K Karunakaran, which was formed on 1977 March 25. The cabinet was resigned in 1977 April 25.
15. R Shankara Narayanan Thampi is the first speaker of kerala legislative assembly. Seethi Saheb is the second speaker.
16. KO Ayesha Beevi is the first deputy speaker of kerala. A Nateesath Beevi is the second deputy speaker of kerala.
17. The first deputy speaker of kerala who served the duties of speaker is Nafeesath Beevi.
18. PT Chacko is the first opposition leader of kerala. EMS is the second opposition leader of Kerala.
19. EMS Nampoothiripad served most periods as Opposition leader in kerala.
20. K Karunakaran and EMS served for most time as opposition leader (4 times) in kerala.
21. V Krishna Moorthy is the first secretary of kerala legislative assembly.
22. The meeting of first kerala legislative assembly was held in 1957 April 27.
23. The fourth kerala legislative assembly is the most served and it was from 1970 October 4 to 1977 March 22. C Achutha Menon was the chief minister.
24. The sixth kerala legislative assembly is the least served and it was from 25 January 1980 to 17 March 1982.
25. The kerala legislative assembly, which doesn’t come into existence after the conduction of election, was in 1965.
26. It was M Chandran, who was elected to kerala legislative assembly for most leading votes. He was elected in 2006 Election, with a lead of 47,671 votes from Alathur constituency. AA Aziz is the MLA who won for least leading votes. He was elected in 2001 Election with a lead of 5 votes.
27. KM Mani is the most served minister of kerala.
28. MP Virendra Kumar is the least served minister of kerala. He was elected in 1987 and served as minister for 5 days.
29. K Muralidharan is the minister who was forced to resign without representing legislative assembly.
30. M Vijayakumar is the only person who served as speaker throughout a full legislative assembly period. AC Jose is the least served speaker of kerala. AC Jose is also the speaker who used casting vote for most times.
31. KM Mani is the member who was elected to legislative assembly for most times from a single constituency (Pala).
32. M Umesh Rao is the first person who was elected to kerala legislative assembly without any opposition. He was elected from Manjeshwar constituency in 1957.
33. KM Mani is the financial minister who presented budget for most times.
34. KR Gouri Amma is the high aged member who was elected to legislative assembly. R Balakrishna Pillai is the least aged member.
35. Stephen Paduva is the anglo indian member (nominated), who served for most period in kerala legislative assembly. WH Dicruise is the nominated member of first kerala legislative assembly.
36. Tenth kerala legislative assembly (1996 - 2001) is the most women contributed assembly (13 members). Only one woman member was in third legislative assembly (KR Gouri Amma).
37. For seven times, kerala declared President Rule. It was in kerala, the president rule was first declared according to 356th section of constitution and it was in 31 July 1959.
38. It was from 1982 March 17 to May 23, President Rule was last declared.
39. There are 127 members in first kerala legislative assembly. Of these 127 members, 126 were elected members and one was nominated Anglo Indian.
40. R Balakrishna Pillai is the only kerala MLA, who was unqualified according to anti defection act. The declaration was made by speaker Varkala Radhakrishnan in 1990 January 15.
41. First Election to kerala legislative assembly was held in 1957 February – March.
42. Currently there are 141 members in kerala legislative assembly. 140 were elected members and one was nominated Anglo Indian.
43. There are 20 Lok Sabha Constituencies and 9 Rajya Sabha Constituencies in Kerala.
44. Malappuram is the highest populated constituency in Kerala. Wayanad is the least populated constituency.
45. Till now, 5 malayalees were nominated to Rajya Sabha by President. Sardar KM Panicker is the first person to get nomination and the others were G Ramachandran, G Sankara Kurup, Aku Abraham and K Kasturi Rangan.
46. CH Muhammad Koya is the only person who handled the positions Chief Minister, Vice Chief Minister, Minister, Speaker, MP and MLA in kerala.
47. AK Antony is the least aged chief minister of Kerala.
48. Pattom Thanu Pillai handled the governor position in Punjab and Andhra Pradesh after becoming Kerala Chief Minister.
49. R Shankar is the first vice chief minister of Kerala. Avu kader Kutty naha is the most served vice chief minister of kerala. Vice Chief Minister is not a constitutional position.
50. Pattom Thanu Pillai is the only person who headed the constitution of Travancore, Thiru – Kochi and Kerala.
51. It was in 1956 November 1, Kerala High Court came into existence. Lakshadweep and Kerala was its circle. The headquaters of Kerala High Court is Ernakulam.
52. KT Koshi is the first chief justice of Kerala High Court. K Shankaran is the second chief justice.
53. The first malayalee to become Supreme Court Judge is Parakulangara Govinda Menon.

First Ministry of Kerala (1957)

1. E.M.S. Namboothiripad - Chief Minister
2. C. Achutha Menon - Finance
3. T.V. Thomas - Transport
4. K.C. George - Food, Forest
5. K.P. Gopalan - Industry
6. T.A. Majeed - P.W.D
7. P.K.Chathan - Local Self Government
8. Joseph Mundassery - Education, Co-operation
9. K.R. Gauri  - Land Tax, Excise
10. V.R. Krishna Iyer  - Law, Electricity
11. Dr. A.R. Menon - Health

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