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PSC Class 122: Kerala - General Knowledge:

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1. The first hydroelectric project in kerala was started in 1900 by Kannan Devan Company. The project was started in Pallivasal of Idduki District.
2. The pallivasal project was commissioned in 1940. This project was now located at Muthirapuzha of Periyar tributary.
3. After the usage of water from pallivasal project, it is directed to merge with muthirapuzha water. From this water, chenkulam hydro project is established for the generation of electricity.
4. Travancore Government owned electricity production was started in 1929. Electric supply in Thiruvananthapuram city was started in 1929 march 8.
5. Kottayam town was electrified in 1932.
6. Currently there are 23 Hydro Electric Projects in Kerala.
7. It was in March 6 1957, perigal kuttu Idathukara water project was established for the generation of electricity. It was in chalakudi puzha, dam is situated.
8. Kerala State Electricity Board was formed in 1957 October 31
9. Sabarigiri hydel project was established in April 18, 1966. The water Dam is located in Pampa River and Kakki river.
10. Kuttiyadi waterb electric project is the first project in Malabar. It was started in August 11, 1972. It is located in Kuttiyadi river.
11. It was in 1994 January 5, Kallada water irrigation project was started for the generation of electricity.
12. The first concrete double curvature arch dam of India was situated in periyar.
13. The biggest water electric project of kerala is located in Idduki. It is also the higgest dam in kerala, and is built in cherthonni river.
14. The speciality of Idduki project is that the power house is located beneath the earth. This project was started in 1976 February 12.
15. It was in 1996 June 5, Peppara small hydel electric project was started.
16. The first wind farm for the generation of electricity was established in Kanjikottai wind farm of Palakkad. It was started in 1994 December 9.
17. It was in 1997 June 5, Brahmapuram Thermal electric project was established from Naphta. Also Kozhikode Diesel Power plant was started in 1999 June 12.
18. Kayamkulam NTPC Thermal electric Project was started in 1999 January 17. The name of that project is Rajiv Gandhi combined cycle power project. 350 MW is the storage capacity of Thermal Plant, which is working using Natta.
19. The biggest district of kerala was Palakkad. The land division of kerala can be divided as Malanad, Idanad, Tazhvarangal, low land and coastal areas.
20. Malanad belongs to 47.7 percent of the total area of Western Ghats.
21. Idanad is known as the area section between the 300 m and 600 m heights.
22. The coastal plains are seen in the middle part of kerala.
23. The Periya Ghat path connects both Mannandavadi and Mysore Road. It is located between the Banasura Hills and Brahmagiri Hills.
24. Idduki District is the highland of kerala in Western Ghats.
25. Kundara Ceramics is formed from red soil deposit in kollam district.
26. The famous fisheries center, Neendakara is located in kollam district.
27. The mountainous district, Pathanamthitta has no coastal land; Sabarigiri project is located in Pathanamthitta district.
28. It was in Pathanamthitta; Kakkad water electric project is located and is in Pamba River.
29. Kuttanad is popularly called as gift of Pamba River. It is located in Alappuzha.
30. Alappuzha is located between Arabian Sea and Vembanad Kayal.
31. Ambalapuzha Sree Krishna Temple is located in Alappuzha and is known as the dwaraka of south.
32. Alappuzha is known as “Venice of East”.
33. Kottayam is the complete literacy state in India and is called “Education City”.
34. Kottayam is first in Rubber Productions.
35. Kumarakam is located in Kottayam district, which is famous for Bird Sanctuary and Tourism.
36. Kumali, which is known as the gateway of Thekkadi is located in Idduki.
37. Munnar - famous for Tourism, Rajamala - famous for Varayadukal, Marayur – the land of sandal forest were located in Idduki.
38. Idduki is known as the “the land of migrators” and also as tourist district.
39. Munnar and Idduki districts are called as the “Kashmir of the East”.
40. Kochi is the biggest corporation of Kerala, which is called as the queen of Arabian Sea.
41. Ernakulam is the district where first stock exchange of kerala is located.
42. Kodanad and Aluva Manappuram is located at Ernakulam, which is called as the Elephant Training Center.
43. The first mosque of India built by cheraman perumal is located in kodugallor of Thrissur. Thrissur is called as the cultural capital of kerala.
44. The famous Thrissur Pooram is conducted in the Thekkinkadu Maidani of Thrissur Town.
45. The Tourist spots in kerala – Athirapalli, Vazhichal, Peechi wild life protection center, kerala kalamandalam of cheruthuruthi etc were located in Thrissur District.
46. Palakkad got the mentions like least rain falling district and highest temperature district in Kerala.
47. The biggest dam of kerala, Malampuzha Dam is located in Palakkad district.
48. The popular ‘Mamankam’ conducting venue, Thirunavaya is located in Malappuram, which is now the highest populated district of kerala.
49. The only ayurvedic Mental hospital of india is located in Kottakkal of Malappuram.
50. The world’s most oldest Teak plantain “Kannoli plot” is located in Nilambur of Malappuram.
51. The only harbour of malabar is located in Ponnani.
52. Vadakkara - famous for the birth of Thacholi Othenan, Farrokh – famous for tile trade, Kappad – Vasco Da Gama landed in kerala etc. were located in Kozhikode.
53. Lakkidi, which is known as the chirapunji of  kerala is located in Wayanad District.
54. Wayanad is the least populated district in kerala.
55. For the first time in kerala, Micro Hydel Project is started in Wayanad.
56. The Historical Edakkal Caves, Thirunelveli Temple, Pazhani Memorial, Pookodu Lake, Puffy Paathalam is located in wayanad.
57. The only canntonment in kerala is located at kannur.
58. Ezhimala Navel Academy and Pazhanikadai Snake growing center is located at Kannur. The center of the muslim rulers of kerala, Arakkal Ali kings were in Kannur.
59. North Kolathiri center, Portuguese Viceroy built St.Angelo Fort, Illikunnu of Thalassery and also kannur is famous as the printing press and news paper activities are first started.
60. Kasargod is known as “the land of Gods”.
61. The Tourist spot centers like Bela Kotta, Kappil Bench, Chitragiri Kotta etc were located in Kasargod.

Biosphere Reserve:

1. As a part of Man and Biosphere programme conducted by UNESCO, Biosphere Reserve came into existence.
2. Biosphere Reserve programme was started in 1976.
3. Niligiri is the first Biosphere Reservoir of India. It came into existence in 1986.. It extended to the districts of Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
4. The total area of Biosphere Reserve is 1455.4 square kilometer – forest in kerala, 1527.4 square kilometer – forest in karnataka and 2537.6 square kilometer in Tamil Nadu. The total area of Biosphere Reservior is 5520.4 square kilometer.
5. The main rivers of south india like Krishna, Godavari, Kaveri, Bheema, Tungabadra, Kabani, Bhavani etc emerges from Niligiri Biosphere Reservior.

Different Facts:

1. Pallivasal is the first Hydel project of Kerala.
2. The first built Arch Dam of Kerala is Idduki Dam (1976).
3. The biggest water irrigation project of kerala is Kallada Project (Kollam).
4. The first Thermal Electric Plant of Kerala is Kayamkulam.
5. The first dam, of kerala is Mullaperiyar. (Idduki District, 1895) 

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