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PSC Class 150: PSC Repeated Questions 1

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General Knowledge:

1. ‘Tashkant Declaration’ is related with - Indo-Pak war of 1965

2. The official language of Nagaland; - English

3. During the British Rule, which river in Kerala was nicknamed as ‘English Channel - Mahe River

4. Among the major circles of latitude that mark maps of the Earth, which one passes through India - Tropic of Cancer

5. Who was the first Indian to become a member of the British Parliament - Dadabhai Naoroji

6. ‘Jatakas’ are the sacred book of - Buddhists

7. Kalahari Desert is in - Africa

8. Psephology is a - Statistical Study of elections, voting etc

9. Who was the Congress President when India attained independence - J.B.Kripalani

10. In which year the University of Kerala was established - 1937

11. The hardest natural substance known in the world is - Diamond

12. The Last Supper is a painting by - Leonardo Da Vinci

13. The famous ‘Gayathri Manthram’  is in - Rig Veda

14. A musician of Kerala, who could sing in all the six-beating times was - Govinda Marar

15. Rourkela Steel Plant is located in - Orissa

16. The currency of France is - Euro

17. The free operating system Linux was developed by - Linus Torwalds

18. The sun’s energy is produced by - Nuclear fusion

19. Which is the most abundant metal in the Earth’s crust - Aluminium

20. The total number of districts of Kerala having sea shore as one of their boundaries - 9

21. ELISA Test is an investigation to find out the presence of a disease. Which of the following is the disease - AIDS

22. The first Communist ministry in Kerala came to power in the Year - 1957

23. The capital of Harsha’s Empire was - Kanauj

24. The length of Konkan Railway is - 760 km

25. Who among the following wrote the book ‘Train to Pakistan’ - Khushwant Singh

26. Sunlight reaches Earth in about - 500 seconds

27. The International Tourism Year - 1967

28. Paper Gold is - Special Drawing Right

29. River Danube is in - Europe

30. The first and only Muslim woman ruler who ever ruled Delhi was - Sultana Razia

31. When Speed Post came into existence in India - 1986 August

32. Universal donor of all blood groups - O

33. Which country is known as  Land of Thousand Lakes - Finland

34. The first woman Governor of India was - Sarojini Naidu

35. The first complete literacy district of India - Ernakulam

36. The difference between Indian Standard Time and Greenwich time - 5 and half hours ahead

37. The highest Indian peak is - Godwin Austin

38. All commonwealth countries were once the colony of - Britain

39. The vitamin which loses after heating - Vitamin C

40. How many percent of Earth surface should be Forest - 33%

41. Which one is not a product of Rabi - Paddy

42. Which living being lays biggest egg - Ostrich

43. The first man in Space is - Yuri Gagarin

44. ‘Coolie’ is written by - Mulk Raj Anand

45. Which country is top in tea production - China

46. Year in which Delhi became the capital of India is - 1911

47. The latest country which became the member of UNO - Montenegro

48. Which of the following temple is called as Black Pagoda - Konark Sun Temple

49. Who established Atma Vidya Sangham? - Vagbhatananda

50. In which district, Silent valley is located? - Palakkad

51. How many types of galaxies are there - Three

52. Stock Exchanges in India are regulated by - SEBI

53. Hibernation is - Winter Sleep

54. The first battle of Panipat was fought between Babar and ------ - Ibrahim Lodi

55. Which of the following countries does not belong to OPEC

56. Davis Cup is associated with - Tennis

57. Kuchupudi is a dance style originated from - Andhra Pradesh

58. The famous work of Karl Marx is - Das Capital

59. India is the ------------- largest country in the world - Seventh

60. Who painted the famous picture ‘Sun Flowers’ - Van Gogh

61. Who discovered color blindness - John Dalton

62. What is the function of kidney in human body - To filter waste materials

63. Which country apart from India celebrates its Independence Day on 15th August - South Korea

64. Bharathapuzha originates from - Anamala

65. The study of birds is called - Ornithology

66. The play Malavikagnimitram was written by - Kalidasa

67. RK Laxman is associated with - Cartoon

68. Horthus Malabaricus is a 17th century book published in twelve volumes describing the plants in Malabar. This work based on scientific study which was done by - The Dutch

69. The Planning Commission of India is - An Advisory body

70. The temperate grasslands of South America is called - Pampas

71. The Sanskrit work ‘Amarakosha’ deals with - Grammer

72. The Asian Development Bank has its headquarters has its headquarters at - Manila

73. Mina Mata disease is caused by - Mercury

74. In which year states of India were divided on a linguistic basis - 1956

75. The spiritual leader who played a significant role in the establishment of the Vijayanagar Empire - Vidyaranya

76. Which language is known as the Camp Language - Urdu

77. How many Parliamentary constituencies are there in Kerala - 20

78. Jharia, Bokaro, Raniganj, Singereni are names of - Coal Fields

79. Which of the following books was written by Arundhati Roy - The God of Small Things

80. Which acid is present in lemon - Citric Acid

81. Normal body temperature - 98.6 Degree F

82. Who was the first woman Governor of Kerala - Jyothi Venkitachalam

83. Heartburn refers to an uneasy burning sensation in the - Stomach

84. Marble is a form of - Calcium Carbonate

85. Hypo, used in Photography, is chemically - Sodium Thiosulphate

86. The religion which has no holy scripts - Shintoism

87. Din Ilahi was the religion founded by - Akbar

88. Name the longest dam in India - Hirakud

89. Where is the seat of the International Court of Justice - The Hague

90. First Five Year Plan in independent India was launched in the year - 1951

91. The gas that turns clear lime water milky is - Carbon Dioxide

92. The book ‘A Passage to England’ was written by - Nirad C. Choudhari

93. Indian Union has the power to make laws on - 97 Subjects

94. The only liquid metal is - Mercury

95. Who drafted the Declaration of American Independence - Thomas Jefferson

96. For acting in which film did Ben Kingsley get the Oscar for Best Actor - Gandhi

97. The mountain range lies between the rivers Narmada and Tapti - Satpura

98. Which river crosses the equator twice - Congo

99. The first Indian to score a century in Test Cricket was - Lala Amarnath

100. Which of the following elements is present in all acids - Hydrogen
101. The oldest written constitution in the world: USA

102. Among the following Portuguese colonies in India, which one is an island:  Diu

103. Fourth Buddhist Council was presided over by:  Vasumitra

104. Google is a :  Search Engine

105. Which one is the most oldest newspaper in India: Bombay Samachar

106. Corundum is a mineral of:  Aluminium

107. Zinc Phosphide is an efficient: Rodenticide

108. Who is the Supreme Commander of Indian Armed Forces:  President

109. The first opposition leader in Indian Parliament: AK Gopalan

110. Who was the Political guru of Gandhiji: Gopalakrishna Gokhale

111. When was the Magna Carta signed by King John of England: 1215

112. The founder of Shantiniketan: Rabindranath Tagore

113. Which mobile communication provider was the first to cross the five million customer mark in India: Airtel

114. Who wrote Pather Panchali? Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay

115. ‘Gods own country’ related to: Sasi Tharur

116. Tobacco was introduced in India by: Portuguese

117. Fourth Estate is the term used to denote: Press

118. Which metal is called as Quick Silver: Mercury

119. The material used in the manufacture of lead pencil: Graphite

120. What was the result of Kerala-Portuguese relation: Chavittunatakam

121. Bordeaux Mixture, one of the best known fungicides is a mixture of: Copper Sulphate and Lime

122. The venue of Commonwealth Games 2010: Delhi

123. The color of Black Box used in aeroplanes is: Orange

124. The oldest dynasty in South Kerala: Ayi Raja Vamsam

125. The metal which is found most in human body: Calcium

126. Erethrean Sea is: Red Sea

127. Which one of the following is in the Concurrent List of the Constitution: Education

128. Author of ‘Sathyardhaprakasha’ – Dayananda Saraswathy

129. Which cloth is used to make our National Flag: Handwoven Khadi

130. Which of the following is a common constituent of transistor:  Germanium

131. The sex of the child is determined by: Chromosomes of father

132. UNICEF is an international body concerned with the welfare of: Children

133. The author of Wealth of Nations:  Adam Smith

134. Ramakrishna Mission was founded by:  Swami Vivekananda

135. VK Krishna Menon was born in the year:  1896

136. The first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal is: Karnam Malleswari

137. The first railway line in India was started in the year:  1853

138. In fireworks the green flame is produced because :  Barium

139. The largest Grama Panchayath in Kerala is: Kumali

140. The Headquarters of the Bureau of Indian Standards is located at: New Delhi

141. From which year onwards October 2nd is observed as World Non-violence Day: 2007

142. Which planet takes 84 years to rotate the Sun: Uranus

143. The capital city of Pallavas was:  Kanchi

144. Heaviest metal is: Osmium

145. When was the Children’s Film Society established:  1955

146. Malaria is caused by: Plasmodium (Protozoan)

147. The official agency to prepare school textbooks in Kerala is entrusted with: SCERT

148. The Ganges beyond Farakka after entering Bangladesh is known as: Padma

149. The gland, which in relation to body size is largest at birth and then gradually shrinks after puberty is: Thymus

150. In which state of India is the headquarters of the Oil and Natural Gas Commision located: Uttarakhand

151. The largest animal ever to have lived on land were some groups of dinosaurs. When did they become extinct: 65 million years ago

152. Number of bones in the human body: 206

153. Chattisgarh, Uttarakhand and Jharkhand were formed in the year: 2000

154. The Da Vinci Code is a novel written by an American author. What is his name: Dan Brown

155. A High court judge can hold office till he attains the age of: 62

156. The Act which ended the rule of East India Company: 1858 Act

157. The main content of gober gas is: Methane

158. Doctrine of Lapse was applied by : Dalhousie

159. O. Henry is the pen name of:  William Sydney Porter

160. EEG is used to study the functions of : Brain

161. The Great Britain comprises of England, Scotland and : Wales

162. Knot is used for measuring: Speed of Ship

163. Kuka Movement to overthrow the British rule was organized in : Punjab

164. Chemical name of Aspirin: Acetyl Salicylic Acid

165. Mega Bytes is the unit for measuring: Memory capacity of computer

166. What is Flying Fox:  A kind of Bat

167. Otology is the study of:  Ear disease

168. The foreigner who wrote the book Kerala Pazhama:  Herman Gundert

169. Asia and Europe are divided by : Ural Mountains

170. KIMONO is the dress style of:  Japan

171. In which category of winds does cyclone falls:  Variable Winds

172. Which disease is also known as Hansen’s disease: Leprosy

173. When did the U.N.General Assembly adopt the Universal Declaration of Human Rights: December 10, 1948

174. Who was the young Anglo-Indian poet freedom fighter who was removed from the Hindu College in 1831 for his radicalism: Henry Derozio

175. Galileo Galilei was an --------- scientist:  Italian

176. The largest hydro-electric project in Kerala is: Idukki Project

177. The chemical name of Bleaching powder is : Calcium oxy chloride

178. The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) was founded by : Birla and Thakurdas

179. ‘Straight from the Heart’ is the autobiography of : Kapil Dev

180. The first ship building yard in India was set up in: Visakhapatanam

181. An example for sedimentary rock: Shale

182. Inflation is calculated by Govt of India on the basis of : Wholesale Price Index

183. Which of the following is not a natural fiber:  Rayon

184. Rarest element on the Earth’s surface: Astatine

185. Father of cell phone: Martin Cooper

186. The author of ‘Panchatantra’ – Vishnu Sharma

187. Easter Rebellion was the : Ireland Revolution

188. The strait that separates the continents of Asia and North America is: Bering Strait

189. The most common form of irrigation in India: Well Irrigation

190. The Solar System belongs to the galaxy called: Milky Way

191. When was Television first introduced in India:  1959

192. Which national leader is called as Lokamanya: Bal Gangadhar Tilak

193. The first Prime Minister of Pakistan: Liaquat Ali Khan

194. The first advertisement telecast on TV was about: Watch

195. Artocarpus integrifolia is the scientific name of: Jack Fruit

196. The Space Age began with the launching of Sputnic-1. When did it began: 4th October 1957

197. The highest commissioned rank in the Indian Army: General

198. ‘Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel’ Who said this: Samuel Johnson

199. The only indian Governer General is: C Rajagopalachari

200. Who was the first President of the Kerala Sahitya Academy:  KM Panicker

201. What is the name of the acid in grapes: Tartaric Acid

202. Where is the World Intellectual Property Organisation located: Geneva

203. Which Organisms is most in the world:  Beetle

204. The chairman of the National Knowledge Commision: Sam Pitroda

205. ‘Bird Man of India’:  Salim Ali

206. Cricket originated in : England

207. Who convenes the joint session of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha: President

208. ‘Ariyittuvazhcha’ was the coronation ceremony of:  Zamorins

209. The capital of Tipu Sulthan:  Sree Ranga Pattanam

210. Degenerative disease: Arthritis, Heart Attack, Diabates Mellitus

211. ‘Western Disturbances’ is associated with: Weather

212. How many members can be nominated to Lok Sabha by President:  2

213. Which country will always be in the frontline of Olympic March Past: Greece

214. Who was known as the ‘Grand Old Man of India’:  Dadabhai Naoroji

215. The Agency that works on agriculture and food production: FAO

216. The officer who has the right to speak and take part in the proceedings of the Parliament without voting right:  The Attorney General

217. Which period was considered as the Plan Holiday? : 1966 – 69

218. Who is the author of the book ‘The Road Ahead’: Bill Gates

219. The total length of Konkan Railway is : 760 km

220. The element that does not have neutrons in its atom: Hydrogen

221. ‘Mamankam’ was held at the river shore of : Bharathapuzha

222. When SAF games started:  1984

223. Which European country is known as the ‘Land of a thousand Lakes’: Finland

224. Who is the author of the novel ‘Alchemist’: Paulo Coelho

225. Indian citizenship can be acquired by : Birth, Descent, Naturalisation

226. International Olympic Committee was formed in the year: 1894

227. The planet having largest number of satellites: Jupiter

228. In which Shakespearean play are the famous words uttered ‘Frailty, thy name is woman’: Hamlet

229. How many squares are there in a chess board: Sixty Four

230. Adolph Hitler committed suicide in: 1945

231. ‘Universal Donar’ in blood transfusion belongs to the blood group: O

232. The highest science award in India: India Science Award

233. The author of ‘India Today’: R.P.Dutt

234. World Nurses Day is observed on: May 12

235. The leading jute producing state of India: West Bengal

236. James Bond is a character created by : Ian Fleming

237. Father of Internet: Vint Cerf

238. Second Kerala Chief Minister is : Pattom Thanu Pillai

239. The medulla oblongetta is concerned with the control of: Heartbeat

240. Nehru Award winner for International Understanding in the year 1996: Award not given

241. The first non-congress Prime Minister of India was:  Morarji Desai

242. Manikaran Power Plant is in: Himachal Pradesh

243. The hot, dry wind that blows in north india during summer is: Loo

244. Iberian Airlines is the official Airlines of : Spain

245. King of fruits is : Mango

246. Who was the first chief minister of Thiru-Kochi: T.K.Narayana Pillai

247. First official census in India was conducted on : 1881

248. Which is the first national park in Kerala: Iravikulam

249. The vaccine for small pox is invented by: Edward Jenner

250. The author of ‘Origin of Species’: Charles Darwin

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