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PSC Class 124: General Knowledge - Malayalam Cinema

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1. First Malayalam Cinema – Vigathakumaran (1928 – directed by JC Daniel.
2. First Dubbing Film of Malayalam – Balan (1928 – directed by S Notani)
3. The second film of Malayalam – Marthanda Varma (1933)
4. First color film of Malayalam – Kandam Becha Coat (1961 – directed by TR.Sundaram)
5. Second sound film of Malayalam – Jnanambika
6. Father of Malayalam fIlm – JC Daniel
7. By obtaining the silver medal from president, Neelakuyil became the first malayalam film to National recognisation. (Direction – Ramu Karyat, P Bhaskaram)
8. The first malayalam film to get golden medal from president is Chemeen. (1965, Direction – Ramu Karyat)
9. The first malayalee to get National award for best storywritter is SL Puram Sadanandan (Film - Agniputri)
10. Sarada is the first malayalee actress to get the best actress award, and it was for the film, Thulabharam in 1968.
11. It was in 1969, Kerala government introduced the awards for malayalam film.
12. The malayalam film which got first state award for best film is Kumara Sambhavam (1969 – directed by P.Subramoniyam)
13. The year in which kerala state film development corporation was formed is in 1975.
14. The first cinema scope film of malayalam is Thacholi Ambu (1978).
15. The first 70 mm film of m,alayalam is Padayottam (1982).
16. Prem Nazir (Abdul Khader) is the actor who had the record of acting in most films as actor.
17. The malayalee actress who acted in most films is Sukumari.
18. The least aged actress, who got the national award for best actress is ‘Monisha Unni’ for the film “Nakhakshathangal”.
19. The basic story of the film “1921” is Malabar Rebellion.
20. The Malayalam film, where womens are not acted is Mathilukal (1989 – Director is Adoor Gopalakrishnan).
21. By acting in most highest films, Prem Nazir got a place in Guiness Records.
22. The story writter of film ‘Mathilukal’ is Vaikom Muhammad Basheer.
23. The song writter of Film “Nirmala” is Mahakavi G. Shankara Kurup.
24. The writter of story “Ummachu” is Uroob (PC.Kuttykrishnan).
25. The writter of “Oru Vadakan Veera Gatha” is MT. Vasudevan Nair.
26. The writter of film “Uttarayanam” is Thikodiyan (P Kunjanandhan Nair).
27. The writter of film “Rukmini” is by Madhavi Kutty.
28. The first Dolby Stereo film of Malayalam is ‘Kalapani’.
29. The first Box Office hit of Malayalam is film “Jeevitha Nauka”.
30. The port who acted in the film “Chettathi” is Vayalar Rama Varma.
31. KS.Chitra is called as “Nightingale of Malayalam”.
32. The cinematographer of film “Chemmeen” is Markes Burtly.
33. The first film in which Yeshudas sang is Kalpadukal.
34. The tamil film in which John Abraham directed is “Agraharathil Kazhuthai”.
35. The director of “Vasthuhara” is G.Aravindan.
36. The director of “Olavum Theeravum” is PN.Menon.
37. The first indeprndent film studio of kerala is Udaya (Alappuzha).
38. The director of film “Vellinakshtram” is Felix J Bais (Geermany).
39. The malayalam film which got most National films is Piravi. (1988 – directed by Shaji N Karun)
40. The malayalee actor who got national award for best actor is PJ.Antony in 1973 for film “Nirmalyam”.
41. The film in which, Balan K Nair got best actor is Oppol in 1980.
42. For the best direction award, who got most awards is Adoor Gopalakrishnan.
43. Yeshudas got the best award for best singer in the hindi film, Chit Chor in 1976.
44. The first malayalam film in which yeshudas got national award for first time is “Achanum Bapayum” in 1972.
45. The first film society of kerala is Chitralekha Film Society.
46. The first 3D film of Malayalam (in India also) is My Dear Kuttichattan.

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