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Chapter 02: King Janamejaya's Curse

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King Janamejaya was the descendant of Pandavas Clan who reigned during the Middle Vedic period (12th or 11th century BCE). Janamejaya was a bold warrior and also a wise man.The great battle of Kurushetra left several losses for generations to come. All the sons of Pandavas were killed by a furious warrior named Ashwathama from Kauravas side in the war. The only remained heir from Pandava’s side is Parikshit, who was still in the womb of his widowed mother Uttara when the war happened. This Parikshit was the son of Abhimanyu, who was the son of the great archer, Arjuna. King Janamejaya was the son of King Parikshit. He had three brothers, namely Shrutsen, Ugrasen, and Bhimsen. They ruled India with Hastinapur as capital city.

Once when Janamejaya was performing a Yajna in the plains of Kurushetra, suddenly a small dog ventured inside. Seeing the dog in the sacred site, the king’s brothers captured it and beat it harshly. The dog was injured and it went to its mother with a weeping face. Actually the dog was not just any stray dog. It was the son of a bitch, Sarama who belonged to Gods. The bitch inquired his son about the matter. The small dog cried and told the incidents happened. Firstly, the bitch thought that the dog should have done some crazy things such as looking at the sacred fire or licks or touches anything. Then she found the reality that there is not any wrong thing happened from his son. She went furious and stormed to the Yajna site and inquired the reason for beating. The king and his brothers lost their words. Enraged with this injustice done to her son the bitch cursed that the king should be consumed by a sudden fright.

The king started trembling, but he somehow managed to finish the Yajna and reached Hastinapuri. He then started to search for a learned astrologer to find a solution to recover from this curse. Several astrologers visited, but the king was not satisfied with their wisdom. But One day, he saw a calm hermitage of a sage near the river. The hermitage was the home of a sage called Rishi Shrutshrava. He went inside and paid his respect to the sage. The king also saw a young sage, Somshrava the son of Rishi Shrutshrava on the hermitage who was on a deep meditation. The king expressed his desire of appointing Somshrava as the chief astrologer of his kingdom to Rishi Shrutshrava. The sage replied that he is an esteemed ascetic and has the ability to calm a person. Also he has a secret oath that if a Brahman asks him for a boon, then he will not refuse. Rishi then said that if the king agrees this condition, then Somshrava will come with you.

The king agreed and returned to Hastinapur with Somshrava. Then he introduced Somshrava to his brothers and instructed them to obey the sage. With the new sage’s appointment, the king and his brothers started preparation of invasion of another kingdom called Takshasila.

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