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Chapter 10: The Curse on Snakes

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According to the Kadru's curse, some of the snakes who refused their mother’s demand will die in Kali Yuga due to a snake sacrifice performed by a King called Janamejaya. The serpents were worried by their mother’s curse. The eldest brother, Vasuki called a meeting with his brothers to discuss about the matter and also to find a solution. The curse went too harsh as there is no way out for it other than death. They decided to find a solution to save their lives. Some snakes suggested to went to King Janamejaya and beg him for not doing the Yajna, while others suggested to went to the King in disguised form as ministers and inform him to not perform Yajna. There were other serpents that had the opinion to kill the chief priest, thereby preventing them from doing the Yajna. Vasuki refused all these proposals citing several problems.

They again discussed the matter seriously. Then again several ideas were proposed. One gives the idea of becoming clouds to put off Yajna’s fires with rain, another gives the idea of stealing Yajna’s articles and a further snake said to kill millions of people, so that they think about stopping yajna. Vasuki again refused these proposals citing that any misfortune or failure of plan will only affect him, since he was the king of serpents.  He also said that he can’t agree with these worthless ideas. Then they decided to go to their father Kashyap and please him for suggestion. But at that time, a serpent called Elapatra remembered an incident when Kadru cursed the serpents. Elapatra overheard the conversation of God with Lord Brahma about this harsh curse. At that time, Lord Brahma said to Gods that at one time the population of snakes becomes uncontrollable. There should be many extremely brutal, cruel and violent snakes. This curse will only result in the death of only sinful and wicked snakes whereas the honest and calm snakes will not be harmed. So Elapatra forward the suggestion of leaving it to fate and nothing to do against the curse. Elapatra also heard from the conversation that an ascetic called Jaratkaru will be born in Yayavara dynasty. His son will be called Astika. This Astika will save the honest snakes by putting an end to Janamejaya’s Yajna.

Vasuki became happy with the Brahma’s predictions and he decides to marry his sister Manasa with sage Jaratkaru, so that she bears the child of Jaratkaru. All the serpants agreed to the proposal of Elapatra’s account and Vasuki’s suggestion of giving Manasa to Jaratkaru. From that moment, Vasuki lovingly started protecting his sister and then waited for the time to come.

Earlier, Vasuki played an important role in the ocean churning exercise between the gods and demons. He became the churning rope of Mount Mandara. Sometimes he became five or seven headed snake. After the ocean churning exercise, Shiva who delighted with Vasuki took the snake and coiled it around her neck. He is also worshipped during all Naga Pujas and especially during Nag Panchami.

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