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Chapter 9: Sheshnaga becomes Ananta Shesha

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Kadru had 1000 Nagas as children. Kadru cursed her sons for the disobedience made by them to her, when she asked them to wrap around the tail of Uchaishravas and made it look black so that he can win the bet from Vinata.  One of the sons of Kadru was Sheshnaga and he became really worried about the curse. Also he was tired of the devious and evil deeds of his other brothers. So Sheshnaga left his mother and brothers and went to Himalayas for strict tapas. He went to various spiritual sites and conducted deep meditations for helping the mankind without taking foods or doing any physical comforts. Lord Brahma noticed Sheshnaga who was wasting his healthy body due to strict penance. The Lord then appeared in front of him and asked the reason for his strict penance without taking much care of the body. Shesha replied that he don’t want to stay with their brothers, since they are doing evil deeds to others and also they are treating Vinata and her son Garuda miserably. He also added that he wants to do something good to mankind and it was the reason for this kind of penance.

Brahma replied that his brothers' will get suitable punishment for their activities in Kali Yuga during a king’s Yajna. They himself had brought the punishment by defying their mother and he also added that Vinata and her son Garuda will soon attain free from their slavery. Impressed with selfless altitude and right dharma of Sheshnaga, Brahma told him to ask a boon. Shesha then requested brahma to make her mind always used for the pursuit of honesty, spirituality, and peace. Delighted with Shesha’s words and also his quest for doing something goodness for mankind, the Lord asked him to enter the earth and to hold the earth. Brahma granted the boon for patience to him for carrying the earth on his body. Since then, Sheshnaga is said to be holding all the planets of the Universe on his hoods. He thus became the bed of Lord Vishnu, since Vishnu is considered as the preserver of life in the Universe. He always engaged in singing the glories of Vishnu. He is sometimes referred to as Ananta Shesha. Sometimes he became five or seven headed snake.

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