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Chapter 13: Brihaspati, Chandra and Tara

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A man after death will enter paradise only if he done good activities throughout life otherwise he will sent to hell. Paradise of the gods is located high above the clouds. Humans call this realm as Swarga which is the place where there is no pain or suffering and every dream of common man will be achieved. Swarga is also the resident of Devas. Inorder to maintain the Devas happiness, they need to beat their endless enemies, Asuras who are living under the earth. The Yagnas performed at Swarga will strengthen their victory against Asuras. Brihaspati, the guru of devas is conducting the Yagnas along with his wife Tara. Brihaspati is considered as the god of the planet Jupiter while Tara is the goddess of the stars.

But one day, Tara left his husband and eloped with the moon-god, Chandra who respected and loved Tara. Tara bored with Brihaspati who was always engaged with rituals and has no care to his wife. So he left him. Annoyed Brihaspati went to Indra and said him to bring Tara back from Chandra, because without Tara yagna will not succeed. Devas got in trouble for taking decision, whether to bring Tara return to her husband, who is considering Tara as only a tool for ritual or allow her to stay with moon for her happiness. Finally Indra, the king of devas took the decision of bringing Tara back to Brihaspati, Since Yagna of devas is more important than Tara’s happiness. Without the power of Yagna, devas can’t shower rain or light that result in darkness and drought in earth. So Tara returned against her will.

When she returned back, a child was growing in her stomach. She remained silent and refused to say who the father of her child was. Both Chandra and Brihaspati claimed the father status. As astonishment for everyone who gathered near Tara, the child from Tara’s stomach cried and asked Tara the question, from which seed, he is going to become fruit and he deserves answer. Everybody gathered there declared this child would become the lord of Buddhi, who has the ability to differentiate truth from lies. So they decided to give the name Budha. Forced by her child’s question, she closed her eyes and said that it was from Chandra’s seed.

Hearing this, Brihaspati lost his control over calm nature and lashed out in anger, ‘May this love baby of my disloyal wife be of neuter gender, neither male nor female.  The gods were shocked to hear this brutal curse. Indra went to Brihaspati and said the curse went so brutal. He continued that the child will be your son since you are Tara’s husband. It does not matter who sowed the seed in the land and what matters is who the possessor of land. Now Brihaspati is the possessor of Tara. So the father of all her children after their marriage will be him. Later, Tara gave birth to Budha and he became the lord of planet Mercury which is neither male nor female. May be biologically Budha is son of Chandra, but as per Indra’s verdict, he will be the logical son of Brihaspati. From that day, the Indra’s law came into existence as fatherhood of children should be defined by marriage. That’s why Pandu became the father of five sons, even though he was incapable of fathering children due to a curse.

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