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Chapter 14: Budha and his wife ILA

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As the time passed, Budha (Planet Mercury) grew up along with an anxiety that whether he gets a life partner, since he was neither a man nor a woman. But Tara gave confidence to him by saying that all in this world happens for a reason, Budha’s fate of becoming a neuter gender should also had a reason. So we can believe in faith and wait for that. But Budha was not happy as he knows that nobody will marry him whether it is man or woman. But the Faith came in front of him in the form of woman, ILA and he fell in love with her. But actually ILA was not a woman, she was once a man and his name was Sudyumna, a prince and also the son of Manu. But the fate made him a woman. She explained the reason to Budha.

Once, Sudyumna traveled through a forest. At that time Lord Shiva along with his consort, Shakti was also somewhere there in that forest. Inorder to please Shakti, Shiva cast a spell that turned all male beings into females, since Shakti did not wish any male beings to disturb her when she walk along with her lord. After the spell, ever male being in the forest is changed to women including all animals and, Lions into lionesses whereas peacocks into peahens.  When Sudyumna realized that he became woman, he begged the goddess to restore him. But the goddess was powerless to undo Shiva’s spell. But she modified it by saying that he will become a woman, when the moon wanes and in turn he will become man when the moon waxes.

Budha, who was a neuter gender found a perfect partner in ILA, who was mutually male and female at times. Together they lived for years and had many sons. Their sons together got the name Ailas. They became the descendants of ILA and also for moon. Thus they got the title, Chandra-vamsis (Lunar Dynasty).  Pururavas, the son of ILA was the founder of this dynasty.But it was not quite pleased Brihaspati or Devas.

Later after generations, Chandra-vamsis forget their gender of both Budha and Ila. It was evident in the incidents of Mahabharata, where Arjuna’s brother-in-law, Shikhandi was mocked. Also there were incidents to stop Shikhandi from entering the battlefield. Such is the nature of artificial laws, the artificial laws ignoring the past and also insensitive to the present.

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