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Chapter 15: Urvashi and Pururavas

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Urvashi and Pururava Story: Urvashi was one of the Apsaras of Paradise and she rarely stepped on earth. Pururavas, the son of Ila and also the founder of Chandra-vamsi once saw Urvashi bathing in a river in Forest. She was so beautiful such that every animals, trees, bushes, grasses fix their eyes on her and even think of touch her. At the first sight, Pururava fell in love with her. Pururava went to Urvashi and asked her to became the queen of his kingdom and live along with him in palace. Urvashi liked the confidence and flashy attire of king, because no ordinary man can ask his love in this fashion. She found he was from the royal bloodline. Urvashi agreed to become his wife with the condition that he should take care of her pet goats and also nobody will see the king’s nakedness expect her. Pururava promised her that he will protect her goat since he was Kshatriya and his dharma is to protect the helpless. Pururava also promised her second condition too. It was a new experience for Urvashi and she enjoyed her life with a human. She gave birth for many sons from human husband.

Indra, the original boss of apsaras could not tolerate this brief separation from Urvashi, even though the lifetime of man is just a blink of Indra’s eye. He ordered the Gandharvas to bring Urvashi back. One day, gandharvas stole the pet goats of Urvashi, when Pururava was involved in making love to her. Suddenly Urvashi saw it; she cried and requested Pururava to rescue them. Pururava immediately jumped off the bed and he hurried out without bothering to cover himself to keep the first promise. But he forgets the second promise at that instant. Suddenly Indra created a lightening in the sky causing everyone in the city to see Pururava naked. Both conditions promised by Pururava are broken. Urvashi realizes that it was her time to return to the gods since both the promises were broken. Without the presence of Urvashi, brokenhearted Pururava became mad and was unable to rule the kingdom anymore. The Rishis were forced to replace Pururava with one of his more capable sons.

Somebody believes that after the incident, Pururava wandered in the forest in search of Urvashi and others believe that he became a Gandharva and following the Urvashi wherever she goes as a music maker to her dance. The compelling passion of Pururava for Urvashi led to his downfall. But it was repeated in later generations, since human memory is short and is not always incapable of remembering history. One example is Shantanu’s love and promises for Ganga and then for Satyavati resulted in the same disastrous consequences. Another example is Arjuna who was approached by Urvashi with ardent aim. But Arjuna politely refused it remembering history and it resulted in curse by Urvashi.

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