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Chapter 16: Devayani, Kacha and Shukra Sanjivani Mantra

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The war between Gods and Demons were common for the supremacy over the three worlds - Heaven, Earth and the Netherworld. The Yagnas performed by their respective priests (Gurus) of both gods and demons strengthen their victory.  The gods were suffering great losses as their guru; Brihaspati did not possess the Sanjeevani Vidya. Shukra on the other hand, possessed the Sanjivani Vidya from Lord Shiva through penance. Through this Sanjivani Vidya, he learnt the art of breathing life into a dead body. This Sanjivani Vidya was making the demons much stronger then gods. Gods complained Brihaspati that Shukra was protecting the demons in a better way through his Maha Mrityunjaya mantra. The gods also wanted to learn the mantra. So they decided to send Kacha, the son of guru Brihaspati to the land of the demons to learn the mantra.

Kacha went to Vrishparva, where Shukra had his hermitage in the land of the demons. He introduced himself that he was the son of Brihaspati and expressed his desire of becoming a student to Shukra. He promised him that he will serve his guru for 1000 years and also will become a brahmachari. Pleased with the humility of Kacha, Sukra accepted him as his student. He started teaching the Vedas. Shukra had a very cute daughter called Devayani. Devayani and Kacha became friends and both of them studied together.  Later after five hundred years, demons learnt of the real purpose of Kacha's visit. They feared that their guru teach the Maha Mruthyunjaya Mantra to Kacha, so that he will use this mantra against them to help gods. So they decided to kill Kacha.

One day, when Kacha graze the cattle of Shukra’s household in the forest, the demons killed him and made a wolf to eat him. Devyani, who was now sincerely in love with Kacha became nervous on missing of Kacha? She went to his father and expressed his fear that Kacha was killed by someone in the forest. Shukra, who was fond of Kacha, did not want to sadden his daughter. He chanted the Maha Mruthyunjaya Mantra and breathed life to Kacha. Kacha pierced the stomach of wolf and the fleshes joined together to his original form. He returned to Sukra’s hermitage and thanked his guru. This irked the demons. So the next day, they repeated the same by killing him when Kacha was on a bath. They then burnt his body and mixed his ashes in the sea. Again on Devyani's request, Shukracharya once again breathed life into him.

The demons were very unhappy at the turn of these events. So this time, after killing and burning the Kacha, they mixed his ashes with alcohol. Then they had given this alcohol to their teacher Shukra. Shukra unknowingly drank the drink. Once again upon Devyani's request, Shukracharya started to chant the mantra without knowing the fact that he drank Kacha’s ashes. Kacha slowly started to came to life. Kacha then informed his guru from his stomach in a quiet voice that he was inside his stomach. If he completed the mantra, then the sukra will die. But Shukra taught the complete mantra of Sanjivani Vidya to Kacha who was within his stomach. Kacha thus came out of the stomach by piercing the stomach of Shukra. Shukra died instantly. But Kacha brought his teacher to life by chanting the mantra taught by Shukra.

Once when thousand years passed and study was over, Kacha told his Guru that he wanted to go back. With the blessing taken from shukra, Kacha replied that he will always loyal to his guru. Devyani later on the way approached Kacha and requested him to marry her, since she loved him. But Kacha refused his proposal by saying that Devayani was like a sister to him. Since, he came out of the stomach of Shukra and also he breathed life to him. So he should be a son to Shukra. Devyani was hurt and with angry, she cursed Kacha that the Sanjivani Vidya he learnt would not be effective, if he chanted it. Kacha replied that he accepted her curses for refusing her sincere love and added that he will teach it for needy. In return, Kacha also cursed Devayani that she would not get married to son’s of any devas.  Later Devayani married a king called Yayati. From that day, Shukra did not touch the alcoholic drink and also instructed all Brahmins to not drink alcohol.

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