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Chapter 18: Madhavi’s forgiveness

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The sage Vishwamitra elevated to the status of a Brahmin from Kshatreeya by Dharma. After becoming Brahmin, he released Galav another young sage, who attended his classes. Galav decided to pay him Guru Dakshina, but the Guru refused it. Galav did not want to leave Guru without paying Dakshina and he insisted Guru what he want from him. Annoyed Guru, asked him to give 800 snow-white horses with black ears. Galav became clueless on how to obtain 800 snow-white horses which is rare. He told his sad to his friend, Garud who directed him to king Yayati, the friend of Garud. At that time, Yayati was going through nervy situations on financial matters. But he doesn’t want to disappoint Garud and Galav. Yayati offered his lovely daughter, Madhavi to them. Madhavi is Yayati's secret daughter. Then the King said them to offer her daughter to a rich king and demand those rare horses. Since Madhavi was blessed with a unique boon of giving birth to unbeatable kings, so any king would accept her as wife.

The obedient daughter did what his father said. She followed Galav and they approached a rich king named Haryashcha from Ayodhya. But the king only wanted her until she produces a baby and he had only 200 such horses to gave. Galav gave her and she was duly returned by king to Galav after the birth of one brave son. Next Galav approached Divodas, king of Kashi and he too accepted to marry her for getting a brave son. He also gave 200 horses and returned her to Galav after getting a son. Similarly Ushinar, the King of Bhoj who was childless married her only for a son. After getting the son, the king gave 200 such horses and Madhavi was also returned.

Finally Galav returned to Vishwamitra along with Madhavi and those 600 horses. He presented those 600 horses and also the Madhavi to Guru. Then he said to take those six hundred of the eight hundred horses that he wanted. And also to take Madhavi for begetting a son and it should be equal to the remaining two hundred horses. Vishwamitra accepted the horses and the maiden for fathering a son. Vishwamitra then told to Galav, that he should have given Madhavi for him to bear four children instead of giving her to those kings. After bearing a son for Vishwamitra, Madhavi was finally returned to her father by Galav. Yayati then arranged a Swayamvara ceremony to choose her husband. Many princes participated in the event and those princes were introduced to her by his father one by one. But she refused all and went mad from that ceremony. She then decided to become a Sanyasini and went to forest for tapasya.

After declaring Puru as his successor, Yayati decided to renounce the world and to ascend the Heaven. He renounced the world and went to Heaven. There he enjoyed all the happiness of paradise but only for a very short time. The god then casted him out from heaven to earth citing that Yayati have exhausted all his . He fell on earth in a forest where Madhavi is conducting tapasya. Feeling sorry for the incidents happened to her father, Madhavi went to her four sons, who were now famous kings of their respected kingdom. She asked them to give a quarter of their merits in life to their grandfather. At first they refused, since he treated his own daughter like a commodity by passing her from king to king and gained benefit from that trade. Then Madhavi taught her sons about the value and power of forgiveness. Enlightened by their mother’s words, they agreed to gave a quarter of their merits to grandfather. Yayati thanked his daughter and with these merits he once again went to heaven (as ).The value of Madhavi’s forgiveness was forgotten after generations. Pandavas or Kauravas have not even learnt the value of forgiveness, which they later paid its cost by destruction of Kuru clan.

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