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Chapter 22: Veda Vyasa, the son of Satyavati

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Matsyagandhi, the daughter of Uparichara Vasu of Chedi Kingdom grew up into a beautiful young woman. One day, the sage Parashara arrives near the river and asked the fisherman to cross him across the river by his boat. Since the fisherman was busy, he told his daughter Matsyagandhi to ply the boat for Parashara. On the way, Parashara got attracted to Matsyagandhi and gazed at her. Matsyagandhi continued the rowing without noticing sage. Due to the sweet breeze and pleasant nature, Matsyagandhi hummed a song. By the way, the boat reached almost at the middle of the river. Suddenly she realized the fact that the sage was staring at her. Parashara expressed his desire of lust. She felt uncomfortable and told him that he was just a daughter of mere fisherman and she will lose everything if her virginity was lost. Also it is not good for a sage like Parashara to be fascinated by her. But Parashara, out of his love convinced her by giving her two boons. One is her smell which is like a fish will change to flower’s smell and another is she would give birth to his son and then regains her virginity.

Soon thereafter both parted. Matsyagandhi carried the sage's child. She then given birth to a dark child and named him Krishna Dwaipayana. Krishna Dwaipayana later got the name, Vyasa. Vyasa in his infant age went to the forest for beginning the Tapas by giving his mother, a promise that he will return to her whenever she remembers him. Matsyagandhi was not able to stop his child from that. Matsyagandhi later came to be called Satyavati. She continued to live with her foster father and she again became virgin and also a fragrant woman with the power of boon given by sage Parasara.

Vyasa then became a celebrated sage. He is the one, who written and classified the Vedas and also several Puranas. Vyasa is also the compiler of the great epic, Mahabharata.

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