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Chapter 27: Birth of Kauravas

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Gandhari was angry on learning that Kunti had become a mother of one child before her, perhaps she had conceived much earlier than Kunti. Earlier Gandhari got a boon from sage vyasa of begetting hundred sons. She can’t wait more, so she decided to force the child out of her womb. Gandhari ordered her maids to get an iron bar and strike on her belly to deliver the child. Upon Gandhari’s order, the maids started to strike her womb until the child is delivered. As a result of this strike, her womb quivered and pushed out a ball of flesh, cold as iron. Gandhari was devastated as she had expected a hundred sons according to the blessing of sage Vyasa. She then inquired Vyasa about the reason for this. The sage vyasa told her that his blessings could not have been in vain. Vyasa then instructed Gandhari’s maid to break the ball of flesh into a hundred pieces and put them in jars full of ghee. So that after two years, they will transform into human children. Gandhari told vyasa that she needs a daughter also. Vyasa agreed his desire and said the maid to cut the ball of flesh into 101 pieces and put them in jars full of ghee.

Thus after two years of patience, Gandhari decided to open the jars. When the first jar was opened the first baby was born and was named "Duryodhana". As soon as the baby started crying, the palace dogs wailed and many signs of bad omens were seen. On seeing the bad omens, Vidura advised Dhritarashtra to abandon the baby, since it brings misfortune to the Kuru clan. But Gandhari refused vidura’s advice and also said that Duryodhana will be her favorite son. At the same time, Bhima was born to Kunti in the forest. During his wife’s long pregnancy, Dhritarashtra shared bed with a maid called Sukhada and she too gave birth to Dhritarashtra’s son named Yuyutsu on the same day as Bhima and Duryodhana were born. Like Vidura, Yuyutsu is also a wise man, but disqualified from ever sitting on the throne. The second born child to Kunti was Dusshasana and the only daughter born was Dusshala (later Dusshala was married to Jayadhrata, king of Sindhu). Thus one by one, all the 101 children were born consecutively. Collectively, the sons were called the Kauravas.

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