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Chapter 28: Death of Pandu

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Pandu enjoyed his life in the forest with his two wives and five sons along with other sages.  But due to a curse, he was restricted from intimacy with his wives. One day, Pandu saw Madri sitting alone and he approached her with lust. He could not resist touching her. No sooner, Pandu touched Madri the Kindama’s curse was realized and he died instantly. A brokenhearted Madri jumped into Pandu’s funeral pyre by leaving Nakul and Sahadeva in the care of Kunti.

Later the sages took Kunti and the five sons to Hastina-puri, so that their children could be raised as the princes of Kuru Dynasty. Before Pandu’s death, he had told his sons to eat his flesh after his death in order to attain great knowledge from him that he acquired through deep meditation in the forest. The Pandu’s sons forget their father’s advice after his cremation. But Sahadeva noticed some ants carrying a tiny piece of father’s flesh. He ate that piece and suddenly he got a boon for knowing the past and future incidents. He then rushed to his mother and brothers to tell about it. But on the way, a stranger stopped him and said not to tell this fact to anyone in order to get god as his friend. The stranger is none other than god, Krishna. Sahadeva divined Krishna and he decided to keep quiet about the past and future predictions that he knew.

As for himself, Sahadeva waited for people to ask him the right question. They asked him many questions—but never the right one. Hence, he was always reflective and sad, the youngest of widow Kunti’s five sons.

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